The nudes of the PSOE and the absence of Feijóo

The most important thing on the covers this morning is the photo that is not published… because it does not exist. The country: “Arrival separately at Buckingham Palace. The kings Philip VI Y Letizia and the emeritus John Charles I Y Sofia coincided yesterday in London at the reception that Charles III offered to the 500 guests at the funeral of Isabel II, which takes place today in Westminster. However, they could not be seen together.”

EL ESPAÑOL tells that, however, they had a cordial meeting at the cocktail party, although without cameras involved. There’s always a time in life when you don’t want to be seen with your father. He is usually fourteen or fifteen years old. The weird thing is when it happens to you at 54.

Yesterday took place in Catalonia what The reason describes as “a march in favor of Castilian, not against Catalan”. Thousands of people walked the streets of Barcelona asking that the ruling be respected and that at least 25% of the content be taught in Spanish.

were Ines Arrimadas Y Santiago Abascalbut not Alberto Nunez Feijoo, who stayed looking at paintings by El Greco in Toledo, where he presided over a conclave of his party. The Galician, who wants to swim “between two waters”, as in Paco de Lucía’s melody, has gotten into a mess. At least with the newspapers that maintain an editorial line closer to the PP.

Publisher of ABC: “The march demanded the maximum political representation. Feijóo missed an important opportunity. His absence was a mistake. Half measures are not worth it when something as basic as compliance with court rulings is required in a Rule of Law”.

Publisher of The world: “In Feijóo’s speech in Toledo there were plenty of ambiguities and a more forceful denunciation of the breach of the law was missed”. The reason reveals that the Galician leader will include a legal change in his electoral program to correct the deficit of resources of the High Inspection, until now unable to guarantee that 25% of Spanish is taught in schools in Catalonia. However, this same newspaper in its editorial states that the proposal is late.

To the other side, The country embodies the exception. He seems to praise Feijóo’s gesture, since he accuses those who were at the demonstration of “having stolen the limelight from the convening entities.”

However, and with that I imagine that Feijóo will be satisfied, how disciplined the parties are when the electoral horizon is appealing! Bill The confidential in his chronicle about the PP summit in Toledo that, despite the leaders wanting more involvement of Feijóo in Catalonia, nobody raised their voice. No one leaked against him to the press. Not even Ayuso promoted dissent!

Nobody has been able to see the series yet Pedro Sanchez. Well, no one except him and his team. ABC: “La Moncloa reviews and asks for changes to the producers of the series on Sánchez”. “They have proposed ideas and want to remove something sensitive that they don’t like,” admit the authors of ‘The Four Seasons’. And pay attention to this sequence. “The agreement with those responsible for the recording prevented propaganda and required objectivity.” I keep reading: “The Presidency of the Government has viewed the first chapter and they are delighted with the result.”

To finish, two nudes in the press. almost style Interview. Two interviews that allow us to know the two types of politician that nest in the PSOE. The first class, patxi lopez in EL ESPAÑOL, a former opponent of Sánchez in the primaries. Do you remember that primary debate in which she said “let’s see, Pedro, do you know what a nation is?” Today it has become: “Pedro Sánchez knows very well what a nation is. He won that debate against us by a landslide.”

the other naked, Garcia Page in The world. It’s hard to stick to a couple of sentences. There it goes: “If we continue with the same companies, the PSOE will suffer a punishment.” “I do not share that Feijóo is insolvent, nor is it correct to say so.” “Now that we are talking about bumping, people are going to say that what needs to be bumped is the number of ministers.”

*This is the press review that Daniel Ramírez carries out every morning for “La España que madruga”, in “Más de Uno”, Carlos Alsina’s program on Onda Cero.

Source: Elespanol

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