The lion's den: Zoff over THIS product!  Judith Williams is bursting at the seams

The new episode “The lion’s den‘ on Vox once again lives up to her name. Not only are the investors fighting bitterly for their “prey” – the next promising start-up, the lions are also baring their teeth mightily. With one product, there is a real fight between Judith Williams, Nils Glagau and Nico Rosberg.

“The Lion’s Den”: Zoff among investors because of THIS product

On Monday (September 19th) in “The Lion’s Den” one object of all things caused trouble, which also caused a bad mood away from the TV show: the e-scooter. With “Flasher” the founders Dr. Alexander Rech and Dr. Ines Wöckl has developed a product that combines indicators, brake lights and additional lighting – and is intended to increase the visibility of e-scooter drivers and cyclists on the road.

For 150,000 euros, the lions get 10 percent of the company shares – an offer that none of the five really wants to refuse.

“This product is simply really strong and that’s very valuable,” Nils Galgau is sure of quickly, wanting 20 percent of “Flasher” for the desired contribution. Judith Williams would also like to get on board, making the same conditions as Galgau.

“The Lion’s Den”: When Nico Rosberg says THAT, Judith Williams explodes

Nico Rosberg, on the other hand, holds shares in the e-scooter company “Tier”, says: “That’s huge power. You will also save lives with it.” The ex-Formula 1 makes the same offer as the two lions before him. Meanwhile, Carsten Maschmeyer and Ralf Dümmel put their heads together and also make an offer: 150,000 euros for 20 percent of the shares and sponsored poster advertising. “I would take it so seriously that I would be a good founding father/coach for you,” explains Veronica Ferres’ husband with determination. “Now you get two lions for the same percentage,” he states again.

“The Lion’s Den” investor Judith Williams is angry. Photo: RTL+

That brings Nico Rosberg to a change of heart: “I’ve now seen an offer here from my fellow lions, which I think is very, very strong and where I can’t keep up,” he explains, but is interrupted by Judith Williams: “These are Yes, three strong offers” – and then withdraws his offer.

At the end of the pitch, Judith Williams vents her anger again. “But Nico, you know what I don’t understand, you say you heard a strong offer. How did you come up with that?” Rosberg then explains that he found the offer with the Germany-wide poster advertising simply outstanding, while the entrepreneur insists that there were “three strong offers”. Nils Galgau also intervened: “It wasn’t summed up very neutrally, but it’s okay.”

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Nico Rosberg continues to defend himself with the campaign argument, to which Judith Williams replies: “Well, anyone can do that, anyone can put in a Germany-wide campaign” – which in turn calls Maschmeyer onto the scene: “No, Judith, not everyone can do that. Has never happened to anyone except me.” The lioness then only replied: “But well, so what.”

The Maschmeyer/Dümmel duo, on the other hand, were in a good mood and were able to convince the “Flasher” founders with their offer on “Die Höhle der Löwen”.

Source: Derwesten

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