The Internet compares Camilla to Lady Diana. "We all know who is winning"

In connection with the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and the takeover of the crown by King Charles III, the eyes of the whole world turned to the royal family. The memories of Karol’s ex-partner, Princess Diana, beloved by the British, come back. Internet users compare the king’s wife to her and do not hide the lack of sympathy.

The Wives of King Charles III. Beloved Diana and hated Camilla

Camilla Parker Bowles at first it was Karol’s youthful love. When his mother and queen displeased her, he married Diana Spencer. The whole of Great Britain fell in love with it, except for the royal family and Charles. They divorced even before her death. As Diana emphasized, she felt that there was still “the third” in their marriage, that is Camilla.

The couple officially began showing up in 1999, a few years after Diana’s death. In 2003, Karol and Camilla moved in together, and in 2005 they stood on a wedding carpet. After Queen Elizabeth II fully accepted their relationship, she decided that Camilla would be officially called Queen Consort after her death.

Although Korona is already sympathetic to the relationship, public opinion does not show much sympathy for the new king’s wife. They still brood over her involvement in the breakup of the marriage between Charles and the unhappy Diana. And they will not fail to express it. In the circumstances of Queen Elizabeth’s farewell ceremonies, Internet users show numerous comparisons of Camilla to Lady Diana, putting her in a negative light.

Camilla vs. Diana. Internet users are brutal

Among the films that compare the Queen consort to the Princess of Wales, the dominant ones are those that aim to humiliate Camilla. Social media users focus on Diana’s impeccable style, beautiful figure, beauty and class. According to the tiktokers, the king’s current wife lacks these qualities.

They compare, inter alia, paparazzi shots that saw the light of day. Diana’s most popular photos are certainly more favorable than today’s photos of Camilla.

However, women have a large age difference among themselves. Lady Diana passed away at 36, Camilla is 75 today. It is clear that the former will more closely match the standards of the canon of beauty. Tiktokers also go back to the time when women were of similar age to highlight differences in their beauty.

“We all know who’s winning,” they mockingly write on TikTok. They clearly indicate Lady Diana. “Horse’s face”, “She will never come close to what Diana was”, “The fact that she has a crown on her head does not make her a queen” – they write about Camilla.

Some comments are extremely hateful and focus heavily on beauty, yet being married to a king is not a beauty pageant. Despite this, Diana is also the epitome of the good that Camilla lacks.

“Diana was so good. She cared about others and always wanted to help people” – they emphasize.

“Diana, although beautiful, did not win Karol’s heart”

However, there are people who rightly notice that such comparisons do not make much sense. After all, it is about feeling in a royal relationship. As everyone knows, it did not exist in the relationship between Charles and Diana.

There are also many films on the web that show how much the king has in common with his chosen one. It is well known that they both have a similar sense of humor and love to spend time together.

However, they don’t always laugh at the right moment. Internet users became extremely upset when the then-prince and Camilla could not help but snort while traditional Inuit singing in Canada.

“Princess Diana would never do that” – they emphasize. We do not know this, but for sure Karol seems to be much happier with Camilla than with Diana.

“Karol loved Camilla and stuck with Diana” – writes one of TikTok users. “Only Camilla is Karol’s true love, and Diana is not”, “Karol looks and smiles at Kamila so sincerely, and Diana, although beautiful, did not win Karol’s heart.”

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