Daemon Kills Wife

Weddings in real life are synonymous with happiness, but things are very different in Poniente. Fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ will still remember what happened in the link between Joffrey and Sansa or the savagery that ended up being The Red Wedding. Therefore, no one should be surprised that the first big wedding we see in ‘The house of the dragon’ has not been without mishaps.

I was already enjoying the series on HBO Max, but I am quite clear that ‘We light the way’ is the best episode of ‘The House of the Dragon’ so far. In it all the virtues of the series have been squeezed and we have not found any trace of its weaknesses, being also an important turning point for what is to come.

Watch out for episode spoilers from here on out.

The keys to ‘We light the way’

‘We light the way’ makes his intentions very clear from that start in which Daemon mercilessly ends his wife. There will be those who dismiss that scene as a new example of misogyny in this universe, but the truth is that it is essential to continue delving into the character played by matt smithboth in his brutal determination to achieve some things and in that apparent sexual limitation that we will see where it reaches us.

However, Daemon has not been the focus of this episode, as the series has once again had a special impact on both Rhaenyra and Alicent. This second one is finally waking up and understanding better the mess he is in. It is true that she first needs a great touch of attention from her father to doubt that she became her best friend, but throughout the episode it becomes clear that she is no longer that easily manipulated innocent young womanalthough this “fortuitous” conversation with Lord Larys and Ser Criston’s subsequent confession are also necessary for this.

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In fact, that final encounter with a Ser Criston about to take his own life suggests that he has found a useful ally from here on out, and it also seems like the perfect excuse for that announced time jump that will lead to ‘The house of the dragon’ change the actresses who play Rhaenyra and Alicent in what will be the biggest change in the series to date. To be sure, the fragility exhibited here by Viserys will be something that will lead to seeing him even more deteriorated in later episodes, but, as Otto has made clear, both his reign and his own life have numbered hours.

Alicent Discovers Truth

That said, the key character in ‘We Light the Way’ has been an increasingly comfortable Rhaenyra on her way to trying to reach the Iron Throne, as she soon banishes any chance of doing the right thing by rejecting Ser Criston’s proposal to run away together. . She had no doubt about her answer, but one thing is what her words say about it being an obligation to have to marry someone she doesn’t love and another that it is becoming clearer that ambition has taken over her and she simply wants to get on with everything as she pleases.

Hence, that subsequent conversation with Daemon before her wedding with Laenor is celebrated can be seen both as a sign of personal growth in her role as successor but also as a prelude to what is to come in the bond that unites both. . Much has been said about Poniente being a macho kingdom – which it is, let’s not fool ourselves either – but ‘The house of the dragon’ is shining with special force in the portrait of its two great female characters.

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Around all this we have had more small remarkable details -that worried face of Viserys when he sees Daemon talking to Rhaenyra-, but the real high point has been seeing Ser Criston’s explosion of violence that leads him to brutally finish off Joffrey Lonmouth, who was much more comfortable occupying a position similar to the one that was eating him up inside. It is a curious way of trying to vindicate his honor, yes.

Definitely, the game for the succession of Viserys continues to advance apace and here he has left us an episode perhaps not up to the top episode of ‘Game of Thrones’, but it would be in the next step. Of course, let’s hope that the series on HBO Max still continues to grow and ends up confirming itself as the great current fantasy series above ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’.

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