The confessions of Joaquín Sabina in "Feeling it a lot"the documentary about his life

Fears, influences and some intimate revelations. The weekend premiered at the San Sebastián film festival “Feeling it a lot”a biographical documentary of Joaquin Sabina where the iconic Spanish singer-songwriter is portrayed “without a bowler hat, a few centimeters from his skin, with nocturnality and treachery”. His vision of youth and his warning about old age, in a life full of excesses.

In the feature film artist he talks about his fearstheir influences in music, the relationship with drugs throughout his life and how was the creative process of his greatest hits as “19 days and 500 nights” either “And they got ten”among other songs. It also opens a debate on old age, since Sabina himself revealed that he finds “nothing nice about being old”.

to their 73 yearsthe “Prophet of Vice” affirms that he does not believe that he will improve some of his best-known songs, such as ‘With you’, ‘And yet’ or ‘I get off at Atocha’”. “The sex, drugs and rock and roll thing lasted until the age of 50. Not bad, huh?”he adds, while acknowledging that without cocaine he would not have been able to compose one of his most popular albums in 1999, ’19 days and 500 nights’.

The documentary also shows part of the musician’s intimacy. As in other interviews, including a very popular one that he offered to his friend, the Spanish writer Juan José Millás years ago, it also shows the interior of his house, even drinking whiskey and playing pool. His wife, Jimena Colorado, also appears, whom he secretly married in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic.

The documentary shows a leading role, even where the musician’s partner, a Mexican whom he met more than 20 years ago, accompanies him until he goes on stage before his shows.

Myths and truths

In the documentary, Sabina also confirms some myths that have always existed around some of her most popular songs. For example, she reports that 19 days and 500 nights It is the story of a lack of love and that, in effect, he composed it “after three days without sleeping and with a lot of cocaine on him”.

The other great myth is around gentlemen’s agreementa song included in the disc hotel, sweet hotel (1987), where he tells the story of a robbery where the criminals recognized him and end up going to a party to drink “a jarabe de litrona” (a bottle of beer). “It’s true, but there are exaggerated details,” confirms Sabina himself.

In another section of the documentary, Sabina says that love is “shit” to compose and that what inspires her the most is lack of love. She also defines her friend Joan Manuel Serrat as “a very organized guy, with a charming side and a stiff side”.

Joaquín Sabina and the debate over old age

Sabine also confesses in the documentary —produced and filmed by the filmmaker and friend of the troubadour, Fernando León de Aranoa— that he has the feeling that he passed “from adolescence to old age without touching maturity”. These sayings open a question: what does it mean to have a good old age.

And, as expected, these types of questions do not have a single answer. Old age, good or bad, is not unique or the same for everyone, but is made up of many parts. Three central aspects are, for example: the psychologicalthe Social and the biological.

In this context, the “ageism”that is to say, a stereotype, prejudice and discrimination towards people of certain ages due to the affectation or natural deterioration of their health, is indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the third form of discrimination, after racism and sexism.

In fact, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) itself draws attention to the fact that the increase in life expectancy and the aging of the population “call for the development of appropriate responses to aging and multigenerational societies.”

Ageism, they argue, “has serious consequences for people’s health, well-being and human rights.” “It is a major barrier to the enactment of effective policies and actions,” they add.

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