The best sex positions for fall.  With them, you can turn off the heating

Bet on positions that will bring you closer to your partner and satisfy your innermost desires related to touch. The autumn weather will keep you in a bedroom where you will not need radiators. The heat of your bodies will make the atmosphere warm enough! Try the perfect fall items.

Autumn close-ups will be full of delight. Perfect sex positions for fall

A cozy evening with hot tea or a glass of red wine, candles, a quiet movie on your favorite streaming platform – sounds like a good atmosphere to bury yourself in bed for the evening, preferably with a loved one or simply the one that warms you up red!

Autumn favors veeery close contacts. There is no question of overheating here – the warmer the better. Bet on long relationships, full of tenderness and good communication. The summer was full of spontaneity, Let autumn be a time for experiments and looking for items that will become your favorites.

We have a few suggestions for you from the portal that will stimulate your imagination.

Missionary, but more spicy

The missionary position has a poor reputation, really it has many options for experimenting. In addition, it is this setting during intercourse that allows you to give yourself a lot of affection and give your partner kisses during penetration. You can try this version of “missionary”.

Lie on the bed and have the person with the penis or strap-on lie on top of you. Your bodies should touch as closely as possible, keeping your torso pressed together. As the penetrator makes movements, have the other person wrap their arms around their back or grasp their arms to wrap them even tighter around their body. Try to be as close to yourself as possible, which will allow for deeper, slower penetration. It is conducive to orgasms! With every thrust it will be easier to get to the vulnerable points, and being close to you will allow you to whisper the most spicy fantasies in your ear.

Rocking table top

Sit down on a countertop, table or desk facing your standing partner. Wrap your legs around his torso or over his arms (if you are stretched enough) for maximum skin contact. Encourage her or her to insert one hand in addition to penetrating to stimulate the clitoris. This position increases the depth of penetration.

These movements are not complicated, they do not require very much effort from both partners. You can easily get close to the other person. If you’re a little chilly, you can stay in the sweaters! Although we encourage you to warm yourself up enough to strip naked.

Teaspoon in slow motion

If you watch a movie in the evening or just cuddle, you probably lie together in the spoon position a lot. From this position, even in clothes, easy path to excitement. You don’t have to experiment with other items. It is enough to slide off some clothes and use the penetration position. The partner must bend properly. The position is also best for people with a larger penis or using a larger dild. The penetrating person can further help her orgasmic partner with a suitable vibrator that can easily operate by hugging her.

This sex is slow, very intimate and incredibly hot! It is also easy to touch yourself in all erogenous zones – kiss your neck and ears; touch on breasts, thighs and stomach.

69 under the covers

Not everyone likes the “69” position, which is oral stimulation involving simultaneously pleasuring yourself with your mouth. Sometimes it is embarrassment, other times it is not comfortable. But maybe you will be persuaded to do so by covering with a duvet or blanket?

Unlike summer, it will not be so hot, but very pleasant. Everything becomes more intimate and stuffy under the covers. Thanks to this, you will fully enjoy your bodies and experience maximum pleasure.

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