The 15 firms that participated in the Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion award and why follow them closely

  • The Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion award continues with its commitment to the future and the young talent of Spanish fashion

  • The winner was the firm Reparto, which was awarded a prize of 6,000 euros and professional advice

  • All participating brands opted for a sustainable future and seek to break social stereotypes

The award Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashionwhich this year celebrated its third editionseeks to promote the creative and professional talent of 15 designers participating in the Allianz EGO Showroom of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid. The best proposal, the one presented by the Reparto firm, has joined the winners of the two previous calls, Rubearth and Evade House.

This award was born with the idea of support young creators at the beginning of their careers, providing them with tools that allow them to develop their creativity, but giving them commercial viability of your brands and enhancing their business vision in order to help the future of fashion is plural and sustainable.

The best proposal has been chosen by a professional jury and has been awarded with a economic endowment of 6,000 eurosin addition to the professional advice of the ESNE University School for six months so that you can create a new collection that will be presented in the next edition of the Allianz EGO catwalk.

All the firms present at the event have a strong social commitmentseek to break stereotypes and opt for a sustainable future of fashionin which recycled fabrics, techniques such as upcycling and the commitment to local production and trade are key to their way of understanding fashion.

Anamingo Twins, Diez Madrizzz, Emeerree, Guillermo Décimo, H05, Inés Aldrey, Joaquín Dogo, Juan VG, Lamner, Magno Montero, Puzzle Brand, Reparto, Tania Marcial, The Artelier and Velasquez are the fifteen firms aspiring to the Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion. Participating in this contest means for all applicants an opportunity to give visibility to your proposals and to approach your potential clientele more directly. We have talked to them about what they are the values ​​of their brands.

Anamingo Twins

Anamingo Twinsthe Galician brand formed by Ana María Vázquez and Francisco Basteiro, understands fashion as an art of expression in which colour, fantasy, diversity and cute and naive references they are indispensable. Among its commitments are to create genderless and sustainable garments betting on ethical and local production.

Ten Madrizzz

Though Ten Madrizzz is a brand of essentially masculine ready-to-wearits objective is to break with gender stereotypes, through the use of fabrics intended to create women’s fashion patterned for men. The narrative of his collections is influenced by the memories and personal experiences of his designer, Dani Diez, who speak of learning processes, social problems and dreams come true.


Aarón Moreno is the founder of the brand Emeerreea sustainable clothing brand without gender, which is defined by reinterpreting the basics of the wardrobe mixing them with the elements of corsetry using fabrics obtained from factory surpluses, defective fabrics or organic production, working on request to avoid excess stock.

William Tenth

Guillermo Díez, the creative behind the firm William Tenthworks in a constant search for beauty and a job well done, fusing in his creations tradition and craftsmanship with historical-artistic references to classical music, illustration or theater. A union that he defines as a travel to the past, to dream of the future.

H05 Bilbao

Estela Miguel and Markel González are the designers behind H05 Bilbaoa project in which the ceramics and textiles in very limited editions and that more than a signature they define as a formula composed of various elements: it is an attitude, a way of doing and communicating in which it is put special care to the near and the inclusive in a constant dialogue between yesterday and now.

Agnes Aldrey

Agnes Aldrey opens with a collection for very confident women of themselves, in which the crow’s feet and a trilogy of color Composed of black, red and white, they stand out as absolute protagonists of garments and accessories with a lot of visual strength.

Joaquin Dogo

Joaquin Dogo is the brand created by Joaquín Domínguez, a man from Huelva who creates original, fresh and current women’s fashion in which there is a strong presence of tradition and folklorethe mixture of materials and textures, craftsmanship and sustainability.

John V.G.

Juan Valentin-Gamazo is the creative behind the firm John V.G., which more than a brand is defined as a lifestyle. He works giving new life to disused garments, creating urban and fun garments, genderless and original with a strong presence of denim, through techniques such as ‘upcycling’ or patchwork and locally.


Led by Claudia Martinez, Lamner It is a firm that was born for the pants making Through the use of techniques of bespoke tailoring with the aim of creating exclusive pieces for each client according to their needs. With the idea of ​​communicating more fully with its clientele, for the first time it has created a capsule collection in which, in addition to pants, there is room for some top pieces.

Great Montero

the signature Great Monterofounded by the Venezuelan architect Jesús Montero, moves the aesthetic vision of fashionable architecture to create timeless proposals that are also environmentally, socially and economically effectivepaying special attention to volume, textures and movementchoosing organic or sustainable fabrics and local manufacturers for its production.

Puzzle Brand

light, color, deconstruction of classic tailoring patterns and personal experiences are the backbones of the firm Puzzle Brand that Cristina Ruiz founded two years ago, a firm based on the use of natural fabrics and in the technique ‘zero waste’which is the sum of elegance, innovation, craftsmanship and design.


Distribution is a fashion brand created by Ana Viglione and Margil Enrique Peña, whose objective is the creation of characters full of humor and imbued with a certain punk and kitsch aestheticin which they have a lot of weight sustainability and the zinnellial codes.

Tanya Martial

The work of Tanya MartialWhat is it designer and craftswomanconsist of the recovery of second-hand garments, broken or outdated, to give them a new value by creating unique pieces through the ‘upcycling’ technique. His work encompasses the entire production process, from design and fabric creationto pattern making and clothing.

The Artelier

Two years ago Alba Ayza created the firm The Atelier as a way of expressing your ppassion for prints and genderless fashion or barriers, through the use of ecological, sustainable and ‘made in Spain’ fabrics. Avant is his most personal collection in which he tells the story of his life through prints that express different feelings.


Mateo Velasquez, a Colombian based in Barcelona who has lived in cities like Madrid and London, is the founder of Velasqueza firm in which he explores the contemporary fashion from the mixture of cultures and their queer experiences. His work redefines production methods through the use of ‘upcycling’ techniques giving new life to used clothes and challenging mass consumption by creating unique garments.


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