Some tremble, others rub their hands: what will happen now with the suppliers of the British Crown?

the portrait of Isabel II light up the shop window Joel & Son Fabrics. The royal seal with the distinctive ‘By Her Majesty’s Appointment’ label lines the door of this legendary London establishment, specializing in “haute couture stuff”. The official certificate as supplier of fabrics of the now deceased monarch, which is framed under a reproduction of the coat of arms of the Queenattracts the attention of the public and transmits confidence to the clientele of this trade of Church Street, in the northwest of the British capital.

It is a prestigious recognition perhaps more associated with classic brands, such as Barbour, Burberry or the bags Launner. But in this ‘Aladdin’s cave’ raw material destined for palace halls and international fashion catwalks has been treasured since the beginning of the century. It is the best kept secret of a unique street and motley of the district of westminster. Joel’s fabrics imported from Italy, France, Belgium, India, China and other countries compete for space with the foreign market for basic products and a swarm of local antiques and collectible treasures under the label of Alfies.

Discretion It is another brand of the house. The quality of its silks, organza, crepe o lamé secured the coveted ‘royal warrant’ in 2001 and the real guarantee has since been renewed. But both Joel and his grandson Cobywho are at the front of the store during our visit, keep silent about the precious royal hallmark of quality and prestige, as if it were the code of Sicilian honor. None of the missing queen’s 620 favorite purveyors is willing to break the ‘omerta‘.

The ‘warrant‘ is awarded to companies or individuals that have consistently provided goods and services to the ‘royal‘ for a minimum of five years. Once the license is secured, no one wants to risk losing it or hindering its periodic renewal for talking more than necessary.

Shopkeepers at the crossroads

But the guarantee expires with the death of the real customer, and the death this month of the nonagenarian Windsor leaves its ‘grocers’ at the crossroads. In principle, they have two years to withdraw logos and symbols related to the license of its premises, bags and packaging paper, the web, social networks and emails, delivery vehicles, paper and correspondence envelopes. On the other hand, the impact of the change of title from the Prince of Wales to king charles iii it is more practical than existential. Its 182 licenses have not lost their validity, although it will be necessary to modify the iconography of each issued certificate in order to reflect the new position of head of state.

The initiative of thewarrant‘ is run by the office of the lord chamberlainattached to the palace of buckingham, which faces an urgent update of its scope and structure. Until now three members of the family enjoyed the privilege of appointing suppliers: Isabel II, her husband Philip of Edinburgh and his eldest son, Carlos. The hole opened since the duke’s death, in April 2021, has not yet been filled and the one left by his wife is immensely larger.

Spanish brands among the favorites

It is anticipated that William soon acquire the right to officially recognize your favorite stores, brands and firms, as heir to the Crown. It will be the new ‘grantor’ (grantor) of the certificate of products and services used by the ‘house’ of the Prince of Wales. The scope of coverage will include your immediate family, with Katherine in the lead, followed by the three little ones, George, Charlotte Y Luis. To date, the Princess of Wales has shown continued confidence in Spanish fashion and it is not ruled out that one or more ‘labels’ will enter the probable list of favorites of the palace of Kensingtonofficial place of marriage.

Amaia Kids, With its impeccable range of children’s clothing, it stands out among the possible candidates to enter the select club of palatial suppliers. The founder and director of the company, the Gipuzkoan entrepreneur Amaia Arrietawas awarded the 2022 edition of the Queen’s Award in business excellence, within the category of international trade. The then Prince Charles presented her with the award, on behalf of the Queen, at a reception at the Palace of buckingham, last July. It was an “unforgettable” moment, said the creator.

silk parachute

The queen never approached Joel & Son. He did not see his pop portrait, nor the photos with dresses and jacket suits in bright colors that appear among the rolls and boards of fabrics. But the halls and gardens of Buckingham Palace are regularly opened to the loyal purveyors of the British monarchy. It’s a journey that octogenarian Joel walks with pride. This week, he remembered his father, HymanBull, who planted the seed in the flea market Church Street where the fabric establishment continues to grow. The patriarch got hold of surplus military parachutes from the World War II, which he sold in scraps from a street stall located in front of the future store of his descendants. “The parachutes were made of silk and my father dyed the fabric in different colors and cut it to size to make shirts,” recalls the late sovereign’s supplier.


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