Seven signs of emotional poisoning.  They make you feel terrible

Emotional poisoning can be defined as a condition that occurs as a result of the accumulation of difficult emotions. And because difficult moments in life cannot be avoided, we have to face them many times. If they start to build up unworked, they harm and weaken us from within. Emotional poisoning negatively affects well-being, behavior, but also health.

Emotions, both good and difficult, accompany us throughout our lives. They last longer or only a moment, appear and disappear, change like in a kaleidoscope. They are important information for us when something important happens. Usually we are able to control them, but it may happen that their excess or intensity does not make this task easier. And then emotions that have no outlet poison us from the inside, disastrously affecting our lives.

Seven signs of emotional poisoning

Tendency to be constantly criticized

People who may be emotionally poisoned stop being optimistic about life and develop a tendency to constantly criticize themselves and others. They are unable to balance and do not feel well with themselves, and are irritated by the happiness and success of other people.

Noticing bad things

Emotional poisoning causes the person affected to notice mostly what is bad and difficult. She focuses on unpleasant news and loses her energy. He plunges into a negative approach to the world, assuming worst-case scenarios.

No patience

Lack of patience, explosiveness, irritability, a tendency to quarrels are features that accompany emotional intoxication. As long as a little thing can throw you off balance, and the reaction that accompanies it is strongly exaggerated, disproportionate to what happened.

No joy in life

What used to be a great pleasure or joy no longer matters. Emotional poisoning causes the affected person to feel overburdened with thoughts and problems. Life loses its flavor, and it tires. Fatigue is not physical, it is difficult to overcome, and sleep does not always bring relief.


An excess of emotions that poison the mind may also result in being “washed out” of feelings, numbness, and distancing oneself from the world. Empathy towards other people disappears, indifference appears.

The appearance of pain and disease

Emotional poisoning translates not only into worse well-being, but also into physical ailments. Recurring headaches or stomach pains appear, muscle and joint pains, lack of energy and breath. The body reacts to the emotions suspended in it, and health ailments appear.

Difficulty sleeping

The excess of bad emotions also affects the quality of sleep. It has been known for a long time that stress and an excess of unworked emotions make it difficult to fall asleep and make you wake up at night. As a consequence of the lack of sleep, irritability, fatigue, worse mood and body discomfort appear.

Emotional poisoning is not an easy experience, but the challenge is manageable. If it is difficult to work through the emotions that have stuck in us and give us peace of mind, it is worth asking a specialist for help. Support is all the more necessary when there is a suspicion of, for example, depression.

The process of cleansing yourself of emotions is important and gives you a chance to regain peace, balance and joy in life.

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