Sarah Conan, Miss Brittany 2021: “This election really changed my life”

How did you experience this year with Miss Brittany’s scarf?

I have changed a lot. I have matured, maybe five years. Mentally, I gained a lot of self-confidence. I can express myself much more easily. It can work in my favor, for my personal and professional life. Being able to express yourself in front of people helps a lot. It’s something that doesn’t scare me anymore.

What things stood out to you during this year?

One thing stood out to me at the start of my Miss Brittany year. I went to matches where, sometimes, I was passed the microphone, in front of almost an entire stadium. It was really impressive for me, if only to answer two questions. Then, during the meal, in front of 300 or 400 people, I was given the microphone without telling me. At first, it’s a little scary. It’s fun, it’s an exercise. I also participated in photo shoots as a model. I entered this world that was totally unknown to me. This election really changed my life, honestly. The way people look at me has also changed.

You have set foot in modeling. Is it a universe that attracts you?

No… I wouldn’t want to make it my job. I don’t see myself in this at all. Sometimes it’s nice, but I really want to pursue a career in management. It is for this reason that I continue my studies. During this year, I did not forget my studies. I also made my comeback this Monday, at the business school, in Rennes, for my master 2.

The day after my election, I heard people shouting my name and Miss Brittany. It made me quite funny. I will remember it all my life

Wasn’t it complicated to juggle your studies and this Miss Brittany year?

It is reconcilable. You have to get organized. You can be a regional miss and have a perfectly normal life. In the first two or three months, at first, it was really a race. When we get organized, it’s fine. When we are available, we can accept some outside services.

A strong memory marked you during this year?

The night I was elected, I saw my whole family crying with joy at the same time, in front of me. It had never happened to me. It was quite exceptional. The day after my election, we did a shoot on a boat in Glénan. It was the first time I heard people shouting my name and Miss Brittany. They had recognized me. It made me quite funny. I will remember it all my life.

Do you have any advice for young girls who will be running for Miss Brittany on Friday September 23?

I saw girls who really came to win. They only wanted the crown. It does not work. I went there as an experience and for fun. On stage, I was happy. I really had fun and I didn’t put any pressure on myself. I think that’s what people saw, someone simple having fun on stage. So I was not stressed and I was myself. It functioned. You also have to practice marching and always smiling.

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