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This morning’s was the first post-pandemic Military Parade that was attended by the public that came to the ellipse of O’Higgins Park to greet and pay honors on the day of the Glories of the Army. A historical tradition that dates back several decades, which brings together the highest authorities of the three powers of the State and the government, and which was highlighted by the president of the Senate Álvaro Elizalde, and senators from various political sectors who came to the place.

“The National Holidays are an opportunity to celebrate and also for the institutions of the republic to be present in acts that are related to the history of Chile and in this case the Military Parade, which is a tradition of decades in which the Senate has historically been represented by its president and various parliamentarians,” said Senator Elizalde.

He added that it is “a true popular festival because of the number of people who come to see the Military Parade and it also shows the relationship that must exist between the military power and the civil power, where in a democracy the military power is always subordinate to the civil power that emanates from the ballot box”.

Along the same lines, Senators Rojo Edwards, Luciano Cruz-Coke, Rafael Prohens and Ricardo Lagos expressed their appreciation for the deployment of those who participated in the parade and highlighted the importance of republican traditions.

“The day of the Glories of the Army is a day of celebration. The army and the Armed Forces in general help us preserve peace with their deterrent power and I think they are an important part of who we Chileans are,” said the Senator Edwards, while Senator Prohens stated that “the history of our army has been glorious and therefore it is worthy for all of us to be here and accompany it on such an important day that fills all Chileans with pride. They have defended us, they have won wars, they have conquered territories and it is something that should be present in the tradition and what they have done in the country.”

Meanwhile, Senator Lagos highlighted that the public has come to see the parade and also the presence of the highest representatives of the powers of the State.

“There are the three branches of government, the ministers of the Supreme Court, the judiciary, the entire government, international guests and many citizens, and that is what is important,” he said.

Senator Cruz-Coke appreciated that the parade has been resumed with the public and stressed that it is “a civic, republican party that refers us to our history to the people who have given their lives for Chile, also to the wars that the country The work they do in times of peace has already won, which is tremendously relevant…they do solidarity aid work, care for borders, humanitarian work in times of peace that must be highlighted and highlighted”.

On the occasion, the president of the Senate and his counterpart in the Chamber of Deputies were consulted regarding when the talks will be resumed to continue with the itinerary that allows advancing in a new constitutional process.

In this regard, Senator Elizalde said that a democratic procedure is being sought in which citizens have a leading role and that once an agreement is reached, the steps to be developed will be announced.

He added that it is likely that the talks will resume this week, which will take place in the former Congress in Santiago and that they will be notified in due course when this happens.

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