The former vice president appears for the first time as a defendant and with her statement points to the charges of the Minister for her responsibility in the investigation of the complaint

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Three months after her resignation as vice president of the Generalitat, Mónica Oltra comes face to face with the judge who ordered her indictment. “I’m fine, calm and serene”, she has affirmed upon her arrival at the gates of the city ​​of justicewhere this Monday he has declared as accused in the case that investigates the Court of Instruction number 15 of Valencia, and in which up to 13 technicians and charges of the Equality Counselor. Oltra has denied being responsible for opening the file that undermined the credibility of her ex-husband’s victim’s account.

All are accused of the alleged cover-up of the sexual abuse complaint filed in 2017 by a minor under the care of the Generalitat against her educator at the center where she resides. The educator – sentenced to five years in prison although pending in the Supreme Court – turned out to be Oltra’s ex-husband, whose department was also responsible for the sheltered minors’ centers.

The investigating judge, to whom the case has returned from the Valencian Superior Court of Justice after Oltra resigned from her status as a deputy of the Courts, has put the magnifying glass on the reserved file that the Minister opened. He did it when the case was already judicialized, with the result, in addition to the fact that the internal investigation served to discredit the victim, whom no one from the Administration believed at first.

In an interrogation that has lasted for seven hours, the former vice president has denied before the judge that she was responsible for the aforementioned file. According to legal sources, Oltra has maintained the version of the facts that she has given in these months.

That is to say, it has not moved one millimeter from the story according to which she did not give any instructions to the officials. Nor has her speech changed when it comes to defending that she found out about the complaint against her ex-husband on August 4, 2017, when a court summons arrived at her house, which she informed her chief of staff and the then undersecretary. of the Counselor.

Of everything that had happened up until then, from the time the girl filed the complaint until it reached the ears of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Counsellor, Oltra has assured that she was not aware of it, despite the fact that she herself acknowledges that she shares an address with her ex-husband, although they had been together for a long time. separated. She has alleged that she did not know what happened later in the Ministry in the days after August 4 -when the file was opened-, going so far as to affirm that those days she was dedicated to the care of her son who was operated on. of appendicitis.

The judge, in fact, has been especially inquisitive regarding the moment in which he learned of the abuse of his former partner. The accusations suspect that he found out long before that August 4, which would have served him to maneuver and cover up the complaint.

However, Oltra has maintained that the officials did their job, but has responded to the judge that he does not know, for example, why the psychologists who initially interviewed the minor in care did not ask him directly about the abuses suffered. The interrogation, carried out behind closed doors, has not been recorded by order of the judge and has been moved to a different room than usual.

Oltra has not been alone on her arrival at the City of Justice, where colleagues and friends have wrapped her up in a procession that has applauded her arrival. She has arrived guarded by her lawyers, although the co-spokesperson for Initiative (the party that is a member of Comproms in which Oltra is a member) and adviser to the Counselor were already waiting for her, Alberto Ibez; the regional secretary of Public Health, also of Initiative, isaura navarro; Carlos Esteve, co-spokesman for Comproms in the Cortes; or the general secretary of Ms and co-spokesperson of Comproms, gueda mic.

For his part, the president of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has been convinced that Oltra “is going to declare the truth, without a doubt”. Yes, he has put land in between and this Monday he has traveled to San Sebastian to present the studies of City of Light in Alicante. According to Puig, he trusts the former vice president and “in justice.”

Oltra’s statement occurs within the framework of the investigation phase. In fact, the rest of those investigated, including the current Director General for Children, Rosa Molero, have already done so months ago. None confirmed that Otra had given the order to open the controversial file that the then counselor defended publicly to find out what protocols had failed in the Council.

In the interrogation, Oltra has now explained that if she publicly assumed in the first person the opening of said file, she was using a “singular majestic”, that is, actually speaking for the Counselor as a whole. And that, in addition, he did it at a hard time for her, “sick and tired” of media pressure. The point is that her statement points directly to Molero and the deputy director of Children, Gemma Plaza, who acknowledged in their interrogations that they had ordered the opening of the file.

The accusations are pending the intervention of the emails that those under investigation sent to each other in the months after the victim’s complaint, and that Oltra’s defense tried to stop. What’s more, the legal sources consulted assure that this interrogation will in all probability result in more proceedings, with which it will be difficult for Oltra to find a quick file of the case.

“Now is the time to be patient,” admitted the former vice president upon leaving the court, after acknowledging feeling “a little tired” after seven hours of questioning in which she answered all the questions from the judge, the prosecutor and the defenses . In the case of the accusations, she has accepted her right not to testify. “Now is the time for justice. I hope that all the explanations convince those who have to be convinced”, Oltra has sentenced.

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