After the Andalusians, he saw “some leaks in the media that I absolutely identified with internal leaks that caused me a lot of pain”

Santiago Abascal and Macarena Olona, ​​in a plenary session in Congress last April.MarshalEFE
  • internal crisis Vox avoids the breakup with Macarena Olona: “Pleased to talk”
  • politics Olona challenges Abascal: he asks for a meeting to see if they “walk together” and opens the door to his own project

Macarena Olona warms up her return to the political front line and does so by sending warning messages to the national leadership of Vox. The last one, this Monday, warning that he will only go home the day the Spaniards so decide. In this way, the one who was a candidate in Andalusia keeps alive the pulse that has thrown Santiago Abascal for his hypothetical return under favorable conditions, at the same time that it encourages the possibility of breaking up completely and undertaking a separate project.

The threat of this fracture emerges, therefore, as Olona’s negotiating trump card to reach an agreement after his departure -due to illness- after strong discrepancies with the party leadership over the management of the candidacy in Andalusia and the digestion of the electoral failure. . That wound is still open and bleeding profusely, as evidenced by the crossing of statements in which she and her former colleagues have entered.

Olona stressed that he will only leave politics when the Spaniards say so. Until then, put up with as much as you have to put up with, he said on Twitter. I have faced injustice many times in my life. I haven’t always won. But I have never betrayed my principles, she said.

With this declaration of intent, Olona deepens her campaign. I fight to be by your side. Despite the stones, he also told his followers, on another errand for 12 Bamb Street.

To definitively clear up the unknown of her future, the former leader of Vox has publicly summoned Abascal to have a conversation in the coming weeks, once the tour of public appearances on which she has embarked since she announced her recovery and undertook is over. the road to Santiago. Since then, all of Olona’s movements have been aimed at demonstrating her popularity among Vox’s electoral bases and her power to impact them through social networks. Call Santiago Abascal and request a meeting for one reason: to ask if we walk together, she said last week.

From the direction of Vox, it was answered that the decision to return to politics or not is something that falls exclusively to her. It was Macarena who said to call Santiago Abascal, we are going to wait for him to call, said the management spokeswoman, Ins Caizares. But it is she who has to decide what she wants to do with her life: whether or not to return to politics.

The key to his return is in Andalusia. Abascal recalled last week the very strong commitment that Olona has with those voters, framing the terrain in which he will have to turn around. This Monday, for the first time, Olona approached positions and assumed that argument. In the event that he returned to politics he would have to go through Andalusia in some way to be consistent with what I think and with my word, I planted in Cope.

Andalusia can mean many things to justify a landing in national politics. Until the Andalusian elections in June, she was a deputy for Granada in Congress. In the same way, if she wanted to place her in the Senate now, she could become a senator by autonomous designation.

For those options, it remains to heal many wounds first. Because what a family was, he said, changed after the Andalusian elections. Instead, he said in Cope, he saw some leaks in the media that I absolutely identified with internal leaks that caused me a lot of pain.

Olona was also upset yesterday that Abascal revealed that she was no longer a member of Vox to return to the State Lawyer. However, she was late for that. She has requested a leave of absence until December and the agenda is cleared for what may come. Like her tour, which she continues on Friday at the University of Murcia.

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