The navel, area of ​​all fantasies?

The navel contains a very personal story: it is through it that the mother feeds her baby during pregnancy and its formation, by cutting the umbilical cord, marks the beginning of our life. It is also a mysterious and unique element in each individual.

In a relationship, partners often want to share what they have and what they are, and playing with their navel or that of the other can be a nice proof of affection! This funny bodily experiment, which has had a few emulators, including international star Madonna, has a name: navel play (literally, “navel play”).

In an interview for the magazine Spin in 1985, the sulphurous queen of pop extolled the merits of this sexual game… which she herself explored. “I have the most perfect navel in the world. When I put my finger in it, I feel a nerve in the center of my body going up along my spine,” she said. We do not know if the interpreter of La Isla Bonita is still a fan of navel play, but what is certain is that this practice has not gone out of fashion more than 30 years later.

Why is the navel attractive?

Men are “instinctively drawn to body orifices,” Psychology Today magazine points out. Dr. Elmar Basse, he pushes the reflection further and goes so far as to compare the navel to a “small vagina”, explaining that this small hole is similar to the female sexual organs. Could this be the secret of the attraction of some for navel play and, more broadly, the fetishist trend that exists around the navel?

Playing with your navel is not for everyone

Erogenous zone like the ears, feet, breasts or even the neck, the navel is a rather special place to concentrate on during love. But like everything in sex, you have to know if this sexual practice corresponds to you and your partner. Because some people have navel phobia, they are said to have omphalophobia.

But why does the navel have such an effect on us? According to psychologist Ruchi Ruuh, interviewed by Vice, the navel would share “certain types of tissue with the genitals and can cause a distinct tickling in the latter”. A feeling of pleasure can therefore be released on contact with touch.

Navel play: How to provide pleasure through the navel?

Do not hesitate to lick and caress this area and double your fantasies to surprise your partner. Why not help yourself with a feather or a lubricant before gently penetrating your finger. Dare to change textures and temperatures. Try the massages, move your tongue back and forth in the orifice as you please, while your partner is bound hand and foot…

But as in any sexual relationship, remember that the most important thing is to have fun while respecting the desires of the other and listening to them.

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