Natural anti-fatigue solutions

Choose an effective snack

It’s 11am, you’re hungry, you’re tired? And if you take a little coffee ? ” Bad idea ! » replies naturopath Céline Touati. “Because coffee creates a vicious circle: the more you drink, the more you excite the body over a short period of time. Result: the boost that follows is even deeper. And then we are tempted to drink more coffee…”

The other big temptation in case of great fatigue is to rush on sugar. Candy or candy bar is also a bad idea. “Simply because it’s bad sugar,” recalls the naturopath. On the other hand, you should know that the craving for sugar in the event of fatigue is physiological: our brain alone consumes 6 grams per hour. But what our body needs is good sugar, that is, foods with a low glycemic index. Otherwise, there again, it’s the gears: to fight against fatigue, we will be tempted to eat more and more of this bad sugar.

“The good choices: peas and raw carrots! But not easy to follow when you’re in the office! “On the side of fruits, we can favor grapes, pears and natural apple juice. And for a little pleasure – because it’s also important – dark chocolate with more than 70% cocoa. Another solution: allow yourself, during the break, a few oilseeds : almonds, hazelnuts. It’s good to chew and good for our body.

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During the cold months, as throughout the year, it is essential to maintain a balanced diet. Otherwise all this good advice will never be enough!

Green juices to replenish energy

Another kick-start solution that proves to be pleasant for our taste buds: “green juices”. “You have to prepare them in advance, but these juices are real natural energy bombs,” says Céline Touati. His advice: consume it twice a day – once in the morning and then around 4 p.m. Recipe ? Green foods (fresh herbs, vegetables, etc.) mixed with fruits and spices. “For example, I recommend a mixture of apple, carrot, cumin or even mango and parsley, with more or less water depending on the desired consistency. »

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Find advice from naturopath Céline Touati on her blog.

The boost of essential oils

Aromatherapy, too, can be invaluable. “Try the naturopath’s coffee, the nickname for the essential oil ofblack spruce, proposes Céline Touati. Put some on your fists and pass them on your back, from top to bottom. Be careful, if you are pregnant, just sniff it. This essential oil, which has the same effect as cortisone, will stimulate the adrenal glands and give you a real boost! »

Second track: “The essential oil of pepper mint, to simply sniff, which will oxygenate the brain and naturally awaken vigilance. The only precaution to be taken with this very cooling oil: absolutely avoid contact with the eyes.

Breathe to reboost

Finally, the last solution to use in the event of severe fatigue: the breathing techniques. “The simplest is to breathe hard enough and fast enough to wake up the adrenal glands, advises the naturopath. Of course, this technique is not recommended for people who hyperventilate easily and for all those who are prone to asthma attacks. »

Even more effective: the exercises of cardiac coherence. “This technique is interesting at work because it reduces stress. It is particularly useful when you find yourself overwhelmed at the office and you no longer know where to start. »

The instructions ? “Sit comfortably, two feet on the ground, hands on the thigh, back straight leaning against the backrest. Begin with a deep exhale, then inhale for 5 seconds, before exhaling again for 5 seconds. Continue for 5 minutes with slow, wide, deep breaths, with attention. An exercise to be repeated three times a day, every day. »

By lowering stress hormones, especially cortisol, cardiac coherence allows you to benefit from a new impetus, immediately.

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Tiredness ? Rethink your sleep

The blows of the pump multiply? Fatigue sets in? Are you getting enough sleep? Rather than an extra coffee, a 20 minute nap, when possible, is the best solution to replenish your energy. Going to bed earlier, in autumn and winter, also makes it possible to meet a physiologically greater need for sleep. More info in the article Our need to hibernate.

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