Meghan Markle's look for Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral

The United Kingdom ends today the ten days of mourning for the death of Elizabeth II. The westminster abbey It is the scene chosen for the queen’s state funeral. Two thousand people access this temple to say, on Monday morning, the last goodbye to the monarch. The British population has closely followed the gestures of all the members of the crown these days, especially those of Carlos III (who showed his anger at the cost of staining himself with the ink of a pen). But neither have they overlooked the movements of Meghan Markle, who could have broken tradition with the styling she has chosen for the funeral.

Meghan Markle’s look for Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeralCord Press

The Duchess of Sussex has chosen a dress with a rigorous black cape and has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II wearing the pearl and diamond earrings that she gave him in 2018. But there’s no ignoring the possibility that Meghan has skipped the traditional mourning veil for the funeral and opted for a wide-brimmed hat, something yes you have met Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker. According to long tradition, women of the royal family are required to wear a black lace veil, known as the mourning veil, which is attached in some way to the hat and which means that the person wearing it is in a state of mourning.

The difference in styling between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton at the queen's funeral

The difference in styling between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton at the queen’s funeralCord Press

Habitually It is usually made of tulle, lace or a fine mesh fabric that allows it to be seen through. but it gives intimacy to the women who wear it. Another use is to protect yourself from photographers and paparazzi in such a delicate situation. For example, Queen Victoria wore it for more than forty years after the death of her husband.

Camilla Parker wearing a mourning veil at Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral

Camilla Parker wearing a mourning veil at Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeralEUROPE PRESS

Nevertheless, Meghan Markle did fulfill this tradition on September 14the day the royal family paid their respects to Queen Elizabeth II by attending the procession of her coffin at the Palace of Westminster, the place where her remains have been until today.

Meghan Markle, with the mourning veil after the death of Elizabeth II

Meghan Markle, with the mourning veil after the death of Elizabeth IICord Press

Other gestures of Meghan Markle that are considered a breach of protocol

Beyond the look chosen for this occasion, and although it seems to many that the Duchess of Sussex has only tried to be close to the people and have gestures of affection with her husband in such a difficult family moment, the truth is that some of the movements he has had in recent days are not well seen in the protocol of the British monarchy.

Meghan Markle breaks protocol by shaking hands with Harry

Meghan Markle breaks protocol by shaking hands with HarryCord Press

On Wednesday, Harry and Meghan Markle joined other members of the royal family at a short ceremony honoring Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Hall. The Duchess of Sussex paid her respects by bowing and Prince Harry publicly showed his grief at the loss of his grandmother. However, upon leaving the act, Meghan Markle took her husband’s hand, a gesture that those closest to the crown call “inappropriate”. As Prince William and Kate Middleton did, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should have left without having physical contact.

Meghan Markle touching her hair

Meghan Markle touching her hairCord Press

Very similar to this gesture is the one he had with the rest of the British population when he approached them to give them hugs upon receiving the signs of affection for the death of Elizabeth II. Touching your hair as a sign of insecurity or staying away from the group They are other movements that are considered a break with the royal protocol of the British crown.


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