Mauricio Macri: “It was a little group of crazy people"

“It was something individual, from a small group of crazy people, it was not politically orchestrated.” “When the grotesque overreacting (on the part of the government) arrived, it caused me rejection”. Mauricio Macri’s statements, last night on a television program, about the assassination attempt on Cristina Kirchner, did not seem precisely aimed at opening the dialogue that the ruling party has been calling for. Nor to place the assassination attempt in a dimension of extreme political and institutional gravity. On the contrary, the former president said that the request cannot be taken seriously because “populism is the destruction of the value of the word.” “We all suffer from the lack of dialogue since Kirchnerism governs. For a meeting to take place, there must be honesty,” was his argument. Different leaders of Together for Change have been explaining their refusal of the official calls with the argument that Congress is the place for dialogue. In the ruling party they respond that the exceptional nature of the assassination attempt implies the need for an instance of dialogue that is also exceptional, that is, beyond the parliamentary sphere. Macri did not even mention Congress.

When Macri was consulted about a possible encounter with CFK, said: “I listen to those ideas and I think they are worthless expressions of desire. We are going to get ahead when our judges act independently.” Then, in an interview on LN+added that “a courtesy coffee doesn’t seem like the end of the world to me. If you call me I would answer the phone call, but I don’t understand on what basis. I don’t want to raise expectations. The times we have spoken have been frustrating.”.

“The national chain; the president calling for a holiday, saying ‘we don’t care about the lives of the people, who have a hard time making ends meet, we’ll take a day off their work’; back the boys in the house… I said ‘again the same’. And on top of that, to load us with resentment, with more hatred, blaming something that it is clear that it was something individual, of a small group of crazy people and that it is not politically orchestrated”, was his explanation of what he felt the day of the attack.

Macri also questioned the Minister of the Interior Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, the one in charge of convening the dialogue on the part of the Government. “The one who said that there were three tons of speeches from the opposition and the media who had triggered the weapon began to make that call. I wish there was a self-criticism”, said. Later, she opined that “the fact of having lied to people so much makes them distrust something that happened”, referring to the attempted assassination of CFK. She also indicated that she experienced the situation “first in shock, when I heard I couldn’t believe it. Then, with her repudiation came relief, because it hadn’t happened, it was an attempt. But when the grotesque of overacting came, it caused me rejection, “she listed.

How to build bridges?

From the Government they see it difficult for the dialogue with the opposition to advance, but they do not give up on the request. “The first thing to do is end hate speech If not, there will be no possible dialogue”, they express from some sectors of the ruling party. They also emphasize that it is necessary to build bridges because, as he said Cristina Kirchner Last Thursday, together with the villero priests, after the assassination attempt, there was a “rupture of the democratic pact.” From Balcarce 50 they emphasize that the dividing line within the opposition is between those who repudiated the attack and those who did not. “The border is between those who are in favor of defending democratic coexistence and those who are not. Seeking dialogue is marking that distinction“, they clarify.

Close to President Alberto Fernández, they consider that “they (because of the opposition) were not even able to vote on the budget last year, they stood up in Congress at the time of repudiating and they did not come to a mass to which we had invited them.” This situation, they say, is not resolved by the President calling opponents and, for this reason, they confirm that the president did not call any of them personally. The problem for them is that in the opposition space “There are very aggressive people whose business is to maintain that violent position.”

From some sectors of the FdT they think that it would have been good if Macri communicated with CFK, repudiated the attack and that from there a call arises. “It’s something more human than political,” they say. However, Cristina Fernández’s most trusted senator, oscar parrilli, indicated on Saturday that CFK would be willing to talk and even meet with the former president, whom the ruling party considers the “chief” of the opposition. However, Macri immediately said that he was willing to talk, but “with the Constitution on the table”. From the ruling party they were surprised by that comment and recalled that Macri, during his government, was the one who tried to violate the Constitution by appointing judges by decree.

“Remote and Forced”

This Sunday the Minister of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Jorge Macri, expressed that he sees “very remote and forced”, a possible meeting between CFK and Macri, and added that if such a meeting existed, “it would have to be for a real agenda and with specific issues”. In dialogue with this newspaper, from the opposition they commented that there is no formal offer by the government, beyond specific calls from different leaders.

The position of Together for Change — they explain — is that, if there is dialogue, It has to be officially in the Congress and that there the ruling party will have to present a package of projects and measures to carry out the dialogue. “The dialogue between the political forces is to agree on common projects in Congress,” they explain. Christian Ritondo, head of the PRO bloc in Deputies, added that “Macri described it very well: to discuss the constitution on top of the table. The dialogue is in the parliament, it is what we have defined in JxC”.

Contrary to this position, Balcarce 50 expressed their opinion in dialogue with this newspaper that “Congress exists and will continue to exist, but Cristina is asking for something else. When the interior minister says he wants dialogue with the opposition It doesn’t just refer to the realm of Congress.” For the ruling party, the assassination attempt meant a colossal and exceptional event. The leader of the UTEP, Juan Grabois, for example, said that it was the most serious attack of the 21st century in Argentina. “They say that we exaggerated, but it was an event of unusual gravity for Argentine democracy. If it bothers them that we say that, let’s agree on some phrase that they can accept,” they say at Casa Rosada and add that “it is, at least, the most serious event since 1987. We can discuss, but in 1987 the dialogue was not only in Congress. Sometimes that’s not enough“.

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