Like the cicada in the Country of Nomeacord

It is impossible not to insist on the question of Sovereignty. And less so now, given the presidential decision in the right direction: the Magdalena Channel.

If last week it was time to welcome that change – the President went from a long silence to the joint declaration with Governor Kicillof to channel the Magdalena once and for all – other positive decisions are now known. What is not little within the gloomy national panorama in which violence returns to occupy spaces after the attack against the Vice President, and the air thickens with the cackling of journalists and politicians who protect, lie, distort and incite ignorant obtuses, in order to obtain what is supposed to be electoral revenue in 2023.

All this, in a context of political and union confusion that does nothing good for Democracy or Peace, or the national and popular field. statement referring to the counterproductive trend of visits promoted by the US ambassador and accepted by Argentine leaders.

And it is that even if these invitations had nothing wrong – promoting meetings is a natural function of any embassy in any country– what is questionable are the visits of combative trade unionists, the leadership of the CGT and other occasional smilers, who could be foreshadowing possible unconscious thugs, not because they are naïve and less reprehensible.

What is questioned is the fact of going, that they go and smile for the photos with Mr. Ambassador, and then –some– try to justify themselves. What was seen this week was inconvenient to say the least, because, manners aside, the string of visits to the Embassy was subtly scandalous for the simple reason that there may be nothing reprehensible about greeting an ambassador as active as Mr. Stanley, who fulfills his role with charm and wisdom, but –guys, one would say– it is sad to see respected leaders like Hugo and Robi, to give just two examples, smiling obviously uncomfortable next to the host. And let it be clarified, furthermore, that this columnist does not doubt them but he does consider that she was, to put it mildly, an innocent, since you don’t go to visit an ambassador like Mr. Stanley; In any case, and if he asks for it, he is received politely in the unions and/or at the highest level in the CGT. But not when he calls or in scenarios that devalue visitors, who inexorably appear in the photos with forced smiles.

Of course, this type of confusion is common, and almost natural, in our country. And confusion –permit the hypothesis– not unrelated to the buzz and murkiness that became widespread as a result of the serious attack on September 1, which the indefatigable charlatans of trash TV subsidized by the national government –everything must be said, even if it hurts–, who make the head of millions of naive telecaptives. And – mere hypothesis – with the hypothetical tolerance of a judge and a prosecutor skilled in operating in the way that half the country calls “Commodore Pro” and that still designates an unreliable “Justice”.

In these contexts, the Sovereignty over our Paraná River seemed to revive the other week, like a well-watered hope, with some novelties that seem to obey healthy decisions of the highest level and that should be underlined.

This note is illustrated with a well-known navigation application, in which it is observed how the maintenance of an unnatural channel, the so-called “Miter”, affected the Río de la Plata. Today even sports boaters are sending their claims, because the navigability of a large area of ​​the Plata in the northern coastal area of ​​the city of Buenos Aires has been affected. Where in addition the environmental havoc already modifies the regime of the wetlands of the Delta. What is another cursed legacy of the so-called “waterway” and that this weekend showed a massive and exemplary demonstration of repudiation in Rosario.

It is true that the government’s strategy against the real power has been one: avoid conflicts. But the bad result is in sight: increasing pressures and demands, both from within and from without. There are Vicentín, the Rosario Stock Exchange, the generalized environmental disaster, the factual privatization of the Paraná River and other capitulations. From where what is coming can only be more loss of the little sovereignty that we had left. Because it is known: those who kneel before the powerful, do not caress their heads; they kick it

That is why the struggles for sovereignty were always, in Argentina, significant. Concentrated powers, speculators and those who extort money from the State they constantly lower and depreciate our currency – the Argentine Peso – which is also a symbol of sovereignty, like the currency of any free country. That is why the overvaluation of the dollar is, at the same time, a crushing of our sovereignty. Argentina not only lost the Paraná River and the outlet to the sea, as it loses lithium, oil, gold and so many wonderful natural assets day by day. Likewise, legions of traitors to the Homeland, the countless sepoys, have been stripping us of all monetary sovereignty. They always win, and the more they win, the more majorities lose, via inflation.

That is why the people are lied to when it is said that this or that measure “is not going to affect Argentines because we do not consume soy.” In this the government does not react in favor of the popular masses. Busy in favoring the powerful exporters and in accepting the infamous rules of the IMF, he avoids the social drama of the great majorities.

Always the popular recovery of the street is a good step towards Peace, but for this the governmental authority must be orderly. And that is not what the citizenry saw in the last three weeks. After the attack against CFK happily frustrated, which noticeable on the national scene is a growing stupor. The official silence and the delay in taking concrete measures only indicate that the government truly “believes in justice” and does not outline any idea of ​​​​change, which becomes part of the problem. Because meanwhile the promoters of chaos and violence are cowardly self-stimulating, to generate that hatred that seems to be the pathology of the urban bourgeoisie, of the self-styled “countryside” that is nothing more than a pile of tractors and manipulated semi-illiterate laborers, and with financing from concentrated groups.

No one in the Ministry of Transportation, or in the government, can mention a single economic advantage for national interests that justifies the fact that Argentina supports and pays for a longer, more dangerous, more expensive canal that also conditions sovereignty, having at hand a shorter, safer, cheaper and above all sovereign. The authors and supporters of the infamous Decree 949/2020 that Alberto Fernández is expected to repeal at once, it is time for them to feel that the Paraná, the Plata and the Magdalena are a sovereign unit.

As in “La Cicada”, the beautiful song by María Elena Walsh, everything that refers to Paraná will be recovered. With environmental damage, yes. And with a river as beautiful as it is damaged, yes. But alive and ours. Sovereign. “So many times they killed me / So many times I died / Yet here I am resurrecting.”

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