Juan Marín will leave politics to be a manager in the private sector or in the Board: "It will depend on my children"

“Im at my mothers house. I have gone for a run and now we are here talking while having a cup of coffee”. Without a doubt, Juan Marín’s life has changed. Until July he was the vice president of the Junta de Andalucía and held the position of Minister of Tourism, the star area in the Today he is pending to decide what he will do with his future, but he already has a date: “From October 15 we will see”.

What he can say, in conversation with EL ESPAÑOL, is that has “left the political front line”. He points out that he has to get “personal affairs” in order before taking any steps, But who mediates that decision? “In 60% my children… and volleyball.” The volleyball? Yes, Juan Marín is a lover of this sport and even trains a women’s team.

The other 40% depends on his mother, his friends, “and that what I am going to do fills me up.” His tone is relaxed but forceful: “The decisions about Juan Marín’s life -he says- will be taken by Juan Marín”; no one in his name. Even before the regional elections, dozens of positions have been attributed to him in political gossip: Ombudsman, president of a port authority and even Government Spokesman.

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Even now, despite the electoral disaster and spending a few days in Sanlúcar, the city where he began his political career, he knows that there are many people who want him on his team, including several companies. It is common to see him walking, although he is a restless man: “It is a pity that the experience of many people disappears. If someone calls me, I’m there“.

The former leader of Ciudadanos is going to give some talks outside the political space and is beginning to collaborate with the media. Of course, they will be political talks in the paid lecturer style: “I do not charge for giving my opinion“, it states.

Definitely, He will be a quoted figure, because nobody knows Juanma Moreno’s government as well as he does. It has been more than three years of joint work with the president and the leader Fashion of the national PP, Elías Bendodo. He talks to them almost daily. With the general coordinator of the popular, in addition, he has a very good personal relationship and this summer they were together in the bullfights in Malaga.

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Marín speaks at this point with the freedom of someone who knows that he has been unemployed for two years after having held the position of vice president of the Board. he’s in no hurry and that’s what makes it noticeable.

Juan Marín has been everything in Ciudadanos Andalucía. Now it’s nothing because he decided to leave. Since Marín left all his positions in Ciudadanos, the liberal party in the community has recomposed itself and It is currently managed by a manager. From this body they remember that they would be delighted that Marín, “as he has already stated, ends his political life as a candidate for Mayor of Sanlúcar de Barrameda.” What It is not clear that the last years of Marín are these.

In fact, whatever the Sanluqueño’s decision, the first to know will not be the manager, but Ines Arrimadas. He is no longer in the executive, which met this Monday without his presence. however yes still part of the permanent.

One of the possibilities that has gained a lot of strength, although it does not seem to be Marín’s favorite, would be to run for mayor in his city. In Cs they are aware of the popularity of the liberal and they know that his candidacy would be very good; even in Sanlúcar there are those who give a twist: “Juan don’t need no party in your town“.

In the end, in his town he is a beloved guy. People stop him on the street and greet him with the affection that he has spent his whole life walking through the same neighborhoods. Now it’s one more, is enjoying a few days of tranquility that he hasn’t remembered for decades: “I started working when I was eleven years old, imagine…”, he recalls. He sums up years of frustrations in a confession:

“I could get used to this life”, a sentence that accompanied a photo in which he looked smiling and relaxed just ten days ago. Marin is rearranging his life and he has a decision ahead of him that has many party colleagues and former members of the Andalusian Government in suspense.

In addition, in recent years it has accumulated experience in public tourism management that has aroused the interest of private companies. But, on the other hand, he has Juanma Moreno’s hand outstretched to find out what her concerns are. Now the times are different: “Sometimes we make decisions that seem good in the short term, but they are not.”

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