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At only 18 years old, Camille Fischbach was spotted by the production of “Touche pas à mon Poste” to join the team of columnists. The Belgian influencer was able to take her first steps with Cyril Hanouna on C8 on August 29, 2022. She confides in StarMag today.

Presented in the famous talk-show TPMP from the first day of a return loaded with controversial news, Camille Fischbach has not yet had the chance to show who she really was. It’s for StarMag that she wanted lift the veil on her life, her past injuries and above all the strength she was able to draw from them and which brings him a view of the world that is both wise and new. Despite his young age, his life course allows him to have a more mature vision of society than it might seem.

This vision, she tells us about it briefly, she who was judged hastily by some Internet users following her first stint on the show. Determined to show that she is more than a pretty face Camille Fischbach intends to carry out her battles, starting with that of finally being able to change mentalities.

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Soon back on TPMP? She answers

Can you introduce yourself a bit for the French public who don’t know you very well yet?

My name is Camille Fischbach, 18 years old and a Belgian student. I am presented a lot as an influencer but I do not claim to be. I’m a normal person who shares his life on social networks and who was contacted to make Do not touch My TV.

You participated in a pilot program for TPMP, did you get any feedback from Cyril Hanouna?

They told me I was coming back but it’s TPMP, there are a lot of other columnists and so it’s very variable. They can’t afford to put in a new columnist every week. But from what they made me understand, I will return.

In all, 14 other personalities were invited to eventually join the team, such as journalists, actresses, etc. What do you think you bring that others don’t?

I saw the cast only the next day. On the day itself, I had no idea there were so many people. My difference with them is that I am not known at all. I have feet that are strong on the ground. I am young but I also have an opinion that can be mature in relation to my experience. So I have a certain perspective but also a freshness as they told me.

Why did you accept the proposal?

I love debates, talking, expressing my point of view. Basically, my social networks were dedicated to the well-being of people. I was going to help them privately with their life problems. I find it interesting to to be able to change mentalities and, as I am young and have a heavy experience, I can help with this change.

Camille Fischbach
Camille Fischbach @ Instagram

“I’m a little afraid of Matthieu Delormeau”

You’re very young, aren’t you afraid of debating with older big heads on the show?

The debate does not scare me. It’s more improvisation in the sense that there’s still a lot of bickering, let’s put it that way. It will bark a lot on the other. I respect people, their point of view, without necessarily agreeing with it, but I’m not going to jump on them.

You may have been criticized for free on the Web following your short stint on the show. How do you respond to detractors?

I’m just waiting to come back so I can really show who i am and that they discover my opinions on the subjects that we will be able to discuss. I hope that they will appreciate my points of view and that this will make them realize that one should not judge for nothing. With the short speaking time I had, it’s not normal that I was lynched so much.

How did you get along with the team? What did you think of it?

The day I went live, I was with another columnist called Sally Sanogo, she was really super nice. The whole team itself has been. But I would say above all Sally, Valérie Bénaim, Cyril and Gilles Verdez were very nice. The others, I didn’t have much time to talk to them because I left before the end of the show.

A person you fear more than others?

I’m a little afraid of Matthieu Delormeau in the sense that his opinions are well-defined. I don’t feel like he’s someone who can be made to have a different opinion. But be careful, I’m not afraid of him. I just wonder what his reaction will be if I don’t agree with him.

This “childish” remark from Kelly Vedovelli

There are also other influencers in the program like Kelly Vedovelli, were you able to meet her? Did it go well?

I found her very nice at first. After I saw on the show the next day that she bet on me like what I was going to do two or three shows. I found it a bit childish in the sense that she’s almost twice my age so it’s a bit out of place. Especially since I did only one show, it’s not as if I had done fifteen either.

I don’t know what’s going on in his head but I think it’s a bit petty to stoop to saying such things. Because in real life, in front of me, she told me that she liked me, that I was very pretty, etc. so I find that a bit hypocritical.

But my fate in TPMP is in Cyril’s hands and not in his.

Do you think you can find common ground with her in the future?

Ah, but of course, I am not at all a closed person. I have no problem with this person. Afterwards, as I said, I find that small on his part, after all, I’ve never had a problem with Kelly. I probably won’t because I don’t see why I would.

Camille Fischbach
Camille Fischbach @ Instagram

A heavy past that has forged it

You spoke of a heavy experience. Can you tell us more?

I was bullied for eight and a half years. It was very complicated, especially since I was very young when it happened to me. I’m not complaining. Today that made my strength and people live much harder things.

I suffered another sexual assault recently but did not react like a normal victim at all thanks to my strength that I had already forged. I was able to recover relatively quickly even if I was still depressed for a long time, I have attempted suicide, etc. After that, that’s life, I’m very happy now. My strength right now is being able to help people.

The aggression suffered more recently is not related to the past harassment?

As of today, I’m still in denial. Afterwards I am very aware of what happened. I have experienced so many heavy things that have already affected me so much that I preferred to get up alone directly. Today I am doing very well.

Have you filed a complaint?

I filed a complaint in Belgium especially for the next victims that there will be or those that there have already been.

Did that influence your departure from Belgium to live in Paris?

On the one hand yes and on the other no. I had so much suffering in Belgium to which I was attached that I wanted to start a new life elsewhere. But I’ve always wanted to come and live in Paris because I’m passionate about fashion.

She says more about her desires

Do you possibly have other projects planned with C8 or another French media? Are you interested in reality TV and/or comedy?

Reality TV, no. Afterwards, if they release a reality show with new faces, a whole new concept, why not, but frankly I don’t think so. The image of reality TV is deteriorating sharply and far too much to want to be involved in this.

For the moment, apart from TPMP, I have nothing planned in terms of television or comedy but I am open to all proposals.

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