When it comes to a buy a smartphone a user thinks he will get all the best qualities in a smartphone which is low-budget and has the best features, best specifications, so here we are talking about Infinix or Tecno choosing between both of them it is hard to say which one is better they both belong to same manufactured company. People usually buy Infinix and techno phones because they provide great specifications at a low cost. Both companies are doing great work. If we compared Infinix or Tecno to Oppo, Samsung, and Huawei their specification is according to their prices. Both Infinix and techno produce many phones in a year. So, here we are providing you with some details about these two brands’ maker phones. By reading the details you’ll get able to choose and understand which one is better for you.

Similarities between Infinix and Techno Mobile 

There are many similarities between Infinix and Tecno mobile-first they are manufactured by the same company. There are features are mostly the same they both have considerable specifications. Their battery coverage is the same. The prices of these smartphone brands are economical as compared to other mobile brands. They try to provide the best quality smartphones to every user. These two companies becoming more popular day by day in Asia and Africa.

Difference between Infinix and Tecno Mobile 

Both companies have different co-founders. Both Companies are run by different groups of people. Infinix has more stand-by batteries than Tecno Phones. Tecno mobile prices are usually less than Infinix. Tecno provides better camera quality than Infinix and display. Tecno launched smartphones faster than Infinix.

Infinix or Tecno which one is considerable? 

Both phones produced the best quality smartphones every year it is hard to decide between them which one is best. They manufactured many phones in a year but you can decide it by knowing some features so let’s discuss some features of both. 

Camera Quality

Every user wants the best Camera quality phone. In the era of this generation, the best sellers provide their users with the best camera no doubt they both have the best cameras. But as compared to some of the models of Tecno phones. Tecno phones have great cameras rather than Infinix. They both provide camera features having beauty mode, portrait mode, and super night mode. But I think the Tecno Camon series have a much far better camera than Infinix hot series. Tecno camera has the first pop camera.

Display and Design 

Tecno and Infinix smartphones never disappoint us in making such a slim smart design phone as compared to other phones they have mostly vibrant colors and big screens most women around the world buy their phones because of their good looks. They are highly designed to attract people to their smartphones. When it comes to different smartphone models Tecno phones have many more designs than Infinix. Tecno phone newly launched 1st pop-up camera they design first pop-up camera which Infinix up till now don’t have popup camera. Tecno phones have brightness power than Infinix phones they have more brightness and contrast than Infinix Phones.


When we talk about 6000mAh or 5000mAh batteries they have the best standby battery. They both have the best battery capacity. Most people usually buy their phones because of their battery capacity. They love their brand because their battery power is very reliable as compared to other branded phones. But as a comparison between Tecno and Infinix, Infinix has more battery capacity than Tecno smartphones.

Software and Chipset

Infinix and Tecno phones use the same chipset there is no comparison between them. They both are Android OS phones. Infinix and Tecno both use the same Mediatek Chipset. In some of the models, they may perform better but the fact is as their parents are the same TRANSSION holding company they use the same chipset.

Let’s see which one you will prefer is best for you choice is yours!

Tecno Pova 3 Vs Infinix Note 12 

Today we will talk about both phones let’s have a look at which phone is better than the other. Tecno Pova 3 specifications include 4 + 64GB with Camera 50 MP Main Camera. Pova 3 Price in Pakistan is expected to be Rs. 34,999.

Infinix Note 12 has Media Tek Helio G88, 4+64GB, and a 6.7 Display. Its price is expected to be Rs. 42,999. Now the choice is yours when we had done a speeding test the Infinix is far much better than the Tecno phone is speeding. In my opinion Tecno Pova 3 Vs Infinix Note 12 you should go to Infinix. 


Now it’s come to an end when we talk about Tecno and Infinix both have similarities and many things in common when we talk about battery, camera, display, performance, design, storage, chipset, RAM, and ROM mostly they are common. Depending on their types of models you can get the same value. So just don’t be quick in judging which phone is better to take a look at and then decided which one is suitable for you.

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