In Iran, the police detained a 22-year-old girl for the "wrong" wearing of the hijab.  She was taken to the hospital two hours later, where she died.  Massive protests broke out across the country.


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22-year-old Mahsa Amini came with her family to Tehran from Iranian Kurdistan to visit relatives. On September 13, morale officers detained Makhsa for “wrong” wearing the hijab. The police told her brother Kiarash that the girl would be taken to the police station for a “re-education” class, after which they would be released. Mahsa Amini was taken to the hospital two hours later. Doctors reported that she had fallen into a coma.

Kiarash told IranWire that when he approached the police station, there were about 60-70 people near the building. They brought clothes for other detained women. After a while, people heard screams coming from the station. Kiarash says that those present tried to understand what was going on and knocked on the doors of the building. The police dispersed the crowd with batons and tear gas.

Soon an ambulance left the station. The women who were released that day told Kiarash that someone had been killed inside. At the hospital, he was told that his sister had suffered a heart attack and stroke, causing her brain to stop functioning.

An eyewitness who asked not to be named informed IranWire, who was next to Mahsa when she passed out. According to the woman, at that moment a police officer demanded that the detainees sit in one half of the room.

“Immediately after I sat down, I saw one of us fall and hit her head on a chair,” the witness said. According to her, the women who were nearby tried to help Mahsa, but she did not react to anything. A paramedic arrived a few minutes later. He injected the girl with some kind of drug and began to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

I looked at Mahsa’s face – only the whites of her eyes were visible. We were all horrified. We shouted: “You are murderers! You killed her!”

Shortly thereafter, Makhsa was taken to the hospital. The women from the police station were released only after they checked all the phones for photos or videos of what happened. The witness added that she herself had not seen Mahsa subjected to physical violence: “We were humiliated and insulted, but no one was beaten.” The paramedic’s report also contained no information about injuries or bleeding.

The official version of the police – the girl in the station had a heart attack. Later it was published CCTV video of her talking to someone in a “re-education” class before passing out. CNN notes that the video shows signs of editing. In addition, the TV channel could not confirm that it was Mahsa Amini that was captured on the footage.

Relatives of the girl question the official version of events, since she did not have heart disease. On the photographs from the hospital, traces of trauma in the area of ​​the right ear are visible. Doctors interviewed by IranWire suggested that the girl most likely had a fracture at the base of her skull, which she received as a result of the blow. Journalists do not rule out that Machs could have received an injury on the way to the police station. They have not yet been able to find a single witness who could tell about what happened in the police car.

Mahsa Amini died in the hospital on 16 September. The announcement of the death of a girl who was detained for looking “wrong” caused widespread outrage on social media, and even led to street protests in some cities. The first protesters started going to at the hospital building on the day of the girl’s death. At the same time, the human rights organization Hengaw informedthat law enforcement agencies are putting pressure on the Mahsa family and demanding a funeral without a farewell ceremony in order to prevent riots.

The next day, the girl was buried in her hometown of Sakkez. According to The Guardian, at the funeral gathered hundreds of people. The women took off their headscarves in solidarity.

After the funeral, protests began in the city. The protesters went to the governor’s office, chanting anti-government slogans. According to IranWire, the police force dispersed protesters, in particular, it is reported that law enforcement officers used tear gas and firearms. Human rights organization Hengaw writesthat, as of September 18, at least 38 people were injured, five of them were taken to hospital in serious condition, three with gunshot wounds.

September 19 in several cities of the provinces of Western Azerbaijan and Kurdistan was announced general strike. On the death of a girl wrote many Iranian newspapers. IranWire, citing a local newspaper, reports that the head of the morality police was fired in Tehran. Iran’s judiciary chief Gholam Hossein Mohseni-Ejei said the government “would not turn a blind eye to the mistakes of officials and police officers” in its investigation and “would not hesitate to take the necessary measures.”

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