How did Mammana establish himself as a starter at the back?

“Everything is broken, Mammana. He had about three torn ligaments. Not even Barracas Central wants him.”

@tincho11_cabj’s comment has aged quite badly. It was around December 30 last year, when Emmanuel Mama tried to unlock his departure from Zenit to join River. With the cell phone in hand, the defender replied that “If everything was broken, I wouldn’t try to go back to the club that gave me everything. I would never do something like that”, downplaying the injuries he had suffered and the inactivity: time proved him right, and by a wide margin…

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Because far from being all broken, Ema made an effort and trained hard to leave behind the ghosts of old injuries and enjoy this present in Riverwhich has him entrenched as the first central marker, even above national team players such as Paulo Díaz (forced him to move to the left) and David Martínez (relegated) and historical figures such as Maidana and Pinola.

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It is no coincidence that these have been his bases for rising in the consideration of Gallant and become one of the few immovable pieces that this irregular team has: since he was a child, with the death of his parents and that attempt to jump onto the train tracks that a person avoided, had to get ahead with a lot of courage and effort, learning -unfortunately the hard way- that nothing would be simple. Today, those “two angels” accompany him from heaven, guide him and he thanks them, just as he did post-victory and an enormous performance against San Lorenzo in the Gasometer.

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Literally, nothing was simple: neither with that painful fact, nor with the knee injuries (partial rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament on the left in 2019 and rupture of that same ligament in 2020, in addition to repeated tears), nor same here in River. Because so that now there is ownership, before there was an intense set-up during the preseason at the beginning of the year and a few more weeks and even several games as a right back. Although he was not unaware of that position, the Muñeco began to put him there in the face of Rojas’s fracture and the not-so-good levels of Herrera and Gómez and he complied: always eager, he showed flashes of his exquisite technique.

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“Ema came to relaunch her career after being abroad for many years and had had physical problems that had not given her continuity. He arrived, we had a moment of work to adapt to Argentine football and River’s demands, and when that process passed he began to feel better“he valued it Gallant this Sunday.

Mammana and his goal cry with the soul vs.  San Lorenzo (River Press).

Mammana and his goal cry with the soul vs. San Lorenzo (River Press).

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But the best was yet to come, as he always says on his Instagram. It’s been two months since it’s River’s 2nd (He is the outfield player who played the most in the semester with 1,518′) and his performance is on the rise, as is his confidence. Solid, he is firm in the advances and hand-to-hand, he also makes it easy for midfielders with his accurate first pass, he reads the game well and has great dexterity and timing in his movements. There is more? Yes, because he also scores goals…

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San Lorenzo was his second victim (previously, Sarmiento), but not only did his goalscoring ability suffer: the center-back also took a bit out of Blandi’s head when there was little left for the match to end and gave a masterclass in defense during the 90′.

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“Today he is clearly a player who feels more reliable, is better physically and is performing well. When I talk about processes, they all come in one way or another having to go through those moments. He did it and he feels that way “, was the praise of a Doll who is proud of one of the silent leaders of the squad (despite the fact that he is 26 years old).

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Solidity, confidence, technique, effort and work. Busy. Nothing is a coincidence in the present of Mammana, one of the most regular in the midst of this irregularity of River. Maybe not everything is broken…

His goal against San Lorenzo

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