honor as "gudari" to the ETA member who cold-bloodedly murdered a hairdresser and a taxi driver

The ETA Elias Fernandez Castanares, recently deceased, received a massive public tribute last Friday in Bermeo (Vizcaya) which has now been denounced by the victims of the terrorist group ETA. During the act, the coffin of the member of the criminal organization, condemned in his day to 288 years in prison for various murders, he was paraded in public in the center of that Biscayan town surrounded by hundreds of people.

As the videos published by the Collective of Victims of Terrorism (Covite), during the act the aurresku was performed, flares were launched, traditional melodies were played. No honors were spared to fire the ETA member, responsible, among others, for the murder of the hairdresser Agapito Sanchez Angulo and the taxi driver Juan Jose Uriarte Orue.

“They no longer do ‘ongi etorris’ when ETA members leave prison, but with the tributes to dead ETA members nothing is cut off,” they denounce from COVITE.

This group of victims of terrorism has regretted that the tribute took place, “as always, in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, and in the face of the indifference of the institutionswho have never launched a violent deradicalization plan for those who continue to honor murderers”.

In the act of Bermeo the left abertzale unfurled numerous banners calling for impunity for ETA prisoners. “Coexistence in post-terrorism in the Basque Country consists, in part, of having to put up with how those who legitimize the murderers take over public space”, COVITE insists.

In one of the moments of the tribute to the ETA member, the ‘Eusko Gudariak’ was sung. All those present raised their fists high, ready to interpret the classic anthem of honor and support for the members of the terrorist group ETA.

EH Bildu

From the association of victims of terrorism they have reported that the act was called by “the dissidence of EH Bildu”. In his opinion, these are the ones who defend that “ETA should not have stopped killing, not even for strategic reasons.”

The latest data compiled by Covite reflects that throughout the past 2021 there were 292 “public acts of worship of the terrorist”. 5 of them were ‘ongi etorris’, there were 25 tributes to deceased ETA members, 60 demonstrations in favor of amnesty for terrorists, 5 popular festivals, 164 banners, among other episodes.

The figure has increased exponentially this 2022, so that the acts in defense and in honor of the ETA members grew notably in the first 9 months of this year. Covite accounts until September more than 400 such cases, a higher figure than in the entire previous year. Among them, another 25 tributes to deceased ETA members, 41 popular festivals, an ‘ongi etorri’ or 133 demonstrations in favor of amnesty for ETA terrorists.

The victims

Agapito Sanchez Angulo, the first of the ETA victims who was publicly honored this Friday, was 30 years old when they took his life on January 19, 1985. Three terrorists entered his hairdressing salon, in front of his wife, took him to the back room and there they murdered him . ETA’s military apparatus justified the crime by accusing him of drug trafficking.

Three years later, in 1988, Francisco Javier Echevarría González, Elías Fernández Castañares and Joseba Koldobika Artola Ibarreche, members of ETA’s Orbaiceta commando, were sentenced. They each received 29 years in prison for the murder.

That same year, Juan José Uriarte Orúe, a 41-year-old taxi driver and father of four children, was also murdered. It also happened on a Friday, also in Bermeo, the same town where the act in which his murderer is now praised was held. Uriarte was found at dawn with four shots, one of them in the head. Fernández Castañares was released from prison in 2013 when Strasbourg invalidated the Parot doctrine.

“Can we imagine something like this, in the middle of the street, in France with the jihadist terrorists who committed the attacks on November 15, 2015? It would be unthinkable,” they denounce from Covite.

Banners in the colors of the ETA logo (blue and black) were displayed at the event with photos of terrorists such as Argala, Txabi Etxebarrieta and Txiki. In one of those banners the pro-ETA phrase “We all have to give something so that a few do not have to give everything” appeared.

Source: Elespanol

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