The senator oscar parrilli He expressed his expectation on Monday for the defense of Vice President Cristina Kirchner in the Vialidad case, which investigates the alleged corruption in public works in Santa Cruz. After the first hour of the argument of the lawyer Carlos Beraldi, he assured that a “very forceful” approach was presented. “It says nothing but the truth, a summary of facts, demonstrating the political intent of the complaint”he pointed.

“It happened both by Elisa Carrió and Mariana Zuvic and the participation of the Clarín media group. Cristina had already been tried. It was investigated and it was determined that there was no wrongful act, ”she added. And she warned: “The Court is largely responsible for all the madness that has existed from 2016 to 2019”.

“He did it with court tablethe tapping phonesthe extortion of judgesthe Judiciary. It deserved that the rapporteur of the United Nations called the attention to Mauricio Macri. The Court looked the other way, kept its mouth shut and validated the actions of these quasi-mafia judgesParrilli said.

Meanwhile, he assured that there is “expectation” for the discharge that the vice president will make next Friday in the framework of this same cause. For the senator, this is so because he “has a thorough study of the cause, its arbitrariness and the evidence that the dicales kept silent.”

Let’s say it clearly, all the tests were adverse. And they invented some new ones, like José López’s WhatsApp, which ended up against themselves. We all want to hear them and see the evidence that they are going to offer”, he concluded on this point.

The attack against Cristina Kirchner

Secondly, Grill He referred to the attack two weeks ago against Cristina Kirchner and drew attention to the fact that there are some officials who “do not want an investigation.” “I think we have to search for the truth. First he denied that it was an attack. Now the material facts of this that put the democratic pact of 1983 at risk, with the return of democracy, are clear. A large part of Argentines want to know if there were intellectual authors. Let justice go to the bottom“, said.

“I am not saying that there are (intellectual authors), I am saying that there is an obligation to investigate it. It seems premature and striking to me that there are leaders who say that there are no intellectual authors. Why don’t we go investigate it? It seemed suspicious to me that there are political leaders who do not want this issue to be investigated”was what the senator close to the vice president said.

Finally, briefly, he referred to the response of former President Mauricio Macri who, given the statement by the Grill That the Christina He does not rule out meeting with him, he said that he would only do it “with the Constitution on the table”: “I did not see the Macri thing, I do not want to comment on that subject anymore, let things happen,” he said.

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