The telephone service can be very useful.  SOURCE: Pexels

  • Our baby’s pediatrician is a very important figure for both the child and his parents

  • If you consider choosing one, it must be someone who transmits total confidence to you

  • But, in addition, there are other aspects that you should not overlook

When you have a baby there is a figure that overnight becomes someone essential to us: the pediatrician. Our baby’s health and well-being is our main concern, and we need the pediatrician to give us the confidence we need to offer our child the best care. Social Security has a large team of specialists who can attend to the baby on the numerous occasions that it will be necessary, especially the first year, when check-ups are constant. In the event that you want to choose a private one, you may have doubts about which is the best option. That’s why we tell you aspects that you must take into account when choosing your child’s pediatrician.

look for references

Ideally, the search for the pediatrician for your baby takes place before he is born. Her first review will be when she is just a few days old, and exhaustion will make it difficult for you to make a choice in a hurry. Ask your friends, family and people you trust so they can give you references about pediatricians with whom they have dealt. They will surely help you find what you are looking for.

parenting styles

Always based on objective data that take care of the baby’s health, pediatricians have different opinions about how the parenting style should be. It is not necessary to agree with him 100%, in fact his opinion can make you change yours on certain occasions, but yes it is important that there are points in common about topics such as breastfeeding, what to do to put the child to sleep or the types of complementary feeding.

The telephone service can be very useful. SOURCE:

smooth communication

Parents come to pediatric consultations loaded with doubts, some more important than others, that they need to resolve. That is why it is essential for the pediatrician to have empathy and listening skills, and to help you solve your doubts, regardless of whether they were simple or complicated. You may also be very interested in having a telephone servicein which you can ask those questions for which it is not necessary to travel with the baby to the same consultation.

Clarity in diagnosis

When complications arise, large or small, we need a pediatrician who be agile when offering a first diagnosis, and that transmits it clearly but without alarmism. At the same time, it is important that he be decisive and inform you if it is necessary to refer to other specialists, consulting your opinion and without imposing his criteria.

It is essential that you can offer a clear first diagnosis. SOURCE: Pexels

It is essential that you can offer a clear first diagnosis. SOURCE:

The place of consultation

It is useless to find the best pediatrician if your practice is far from home. For a routine check-up you may not mind moving, but to go when the little one is sick you will want that the consultation is close to your home. Also assess whether or not it is difficult to find parking if you have to go by car, or what are the public transport options. It is also important to know what the consultation hours are and if they have an emergency service.


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