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The new Vanity Fair report details more abusive behavior by Ezra Miller with the minor Tokata Iron Eyes

Among all the controversies in which it has been seen Ezra Miller involved in the last year, without a doubt the case of Tokata Iron Eyes is one of the most worrying. Since his parents denounced him with a restraining order and grooming, much has been said about their relationship, which began when the activist I was 12 years old and Miller was 23, and about the repercussions it had on Iron Eyes’ life.

In addition to the Tokata case, a man also accused the star of Flash of having his two children and his wife kidnapped on his farm in Vermont, where children were exposed to drugs and had contact with firearms. And as if that were not enough, a case was also revealed where Miller invited a 12-year-old identified as non-binary to “spend time with him on his farm” with the promise of buying him horses.

And now, in a new profile made by the magazine vanityfair, Even more details have been released about how Miller abuses those with whom he is in an intimate relationship.

A cult leader?

Vanity Fair spoke to 12 people close to Miller, including his manager, his mother and the parents of Tokata Iron Eyes. His spokesman assures that the star’s public crisis is mainly due to to mental health problems, But multiple sources claim that Miller behaves like a cultured leader and has erratic behaviors that often fall into the abusive terrain.

Various sources told Vanity Fair that the farm Vermont where Miller resides has a place that the star calls “The Mountain” where miller “He talks about the metaverse, medicine, and how he’s the messiah.” They also assure that this place actually behaves like a kind of harem, where Miller has all the control. “It’s actually a patriarchal dictatorship where Ezra controls all sex as The Man, then he puts women in competition, yells at them and humiliates them in front of others.”

Among Miller’s inner circle in “The Mountain” are Iron Eyes and Rose, who assured the newspaper that he had a relationship with Miller. Another source assured that the star said that “Ezra was Jesus and Tokata was a Native American spider-goddess, so their union would bring about the apocalypse and that’s why everyone opposes them being together.”

Another source claims that the reason Tokata Iron Eyes was accepted on the Hawaii trip was because Miller had explained that she was escaping from an abusive and transphobic family, which is why it was called her “legal guard” but they also assure that the star “I took away his phone, his money, his underwear and sometimes they slept in a polyester tent near a volcano”.

According to one source, “There was a very controlling behavior for Tokata that, at first, she believed was for her own good,” but he changed his mind when he saw the complaints from his relatives. Miller’s spokesman strongly denied these accounts in the same interview, but Miller declined to comment.

Ezra Miller

The stories agree

Other sources also spoke about how Miller approaches children in seemingly at-risk situations. “with promises of grandeur”, something that agrees with the complaints of the parents of the person under 12 years of age, who assured that the star promised him “buy him horses if he went to his farm in Vermont.”

“I was telling these kids: You’re going to be in my band, I’m going to produce your album and you can run my studio. Whether they are visual artists, DJs, kids who are in college or even kids who are homeless, I would recruit them in a period of vulnerability and promise them all those things.”

Anonymous Source, Vanity Fair

Of course, no promises ever materialized, and Miller tried to recruit these people during his many travels. So far, only the woman with her 3 children is known to have decided to follow him to her farm in Vermont. Vanity Fair spoke with her and assures that Miller “It changed his life.”

Other sources claim that Ezra Miller often uses his gender identity as a weapon, and Tokata Iron Eyes’ mother believed that “when you are against him or he gets angry, then you are transphobic or nazi”. This type of behavior was also previously reported by a woman named nadia, who invited Miller to live with her for a while in Germany and “He started verbally abusing her, calling her transphobic and a Nazi” when he didn’t let him smoke inside his apartment.

Other sources also recounted how Miller who fired people for no reason and even made fun of the intervention that their parents tried to do in late February, when his erratic behavior became increasingly public. Vanity Fair tells that the star of Fantastic Beasts is working with a crisis management expert, but it appears Miller has a long way to go to begin his rehab. But the next thing that happened to him is to appear in court in Vermont on September 26, where she faces a complaint for robbery with violence

Ezra Miller
What do you think, Cinephiles and Cinephiles? Do you think that Ezra Miller can be rehabilitated and make amends for his actions?

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