with great concern see the residents of Río Abajo and Parque Lefevrethe project contemplated by the Ministry of Public Works to widen the Via Españawhich contemplates the construction of exclusive lanes for Mi Bus.

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Since their tender announcement a few months ago, they have expressed their feelings about the impact that it may have on residential areas and businesses of these townships, the safety of pedestrians, access to hospitals, schools, businesses and small businesses.

The engineer Luis Ferreira, who knows the situation and has served as a spokesperson for the areamentions that the Mop has not made the corresponding consultations with the community and the residents are concerned about the possible effects that they could cause in the long term.

Do you know about the expansion project of the Vía España?
“There was a time when someone spoke on television, they have been told that this inn will disappear. It is not that a number of people have come and talked about the improvements or benefits. These approaches were made a few months ago and already,” she said.

He emphasizes that there are many people who have no idea what is happening and for the moment no consultation has been carried out, but the most serious problem is that they do not decide at all in the award, so they remain in limbo.

Do you agree or disagree?
According to the expert, there are many people in the area who see it as progress for the area, because they will save time on the project, about 15 minutes in the area. Although there is another sector that does not see it with good eyes because of the expense and also that they do not know for sure all the work

I think it is that the fear of the businessmen is that they will lose their areas, parking lots and more areas which are already quite small,” he said.

What are the main benefits and drawbacks?

“I imagine that they have in their plans the construction of new sidewalks, they must take into account schools with many students, especially in Parque Lefevre and Rio Abajo. The other thing is the rainwater caissons, which must be redone to avoid flooding”, he mentions.

Among other effects that mentioned are the hospitals and the question that is asked is how to move from a lane and go through the middle to enter the hospitals, because the central area will be for buses only.

Also there is the concern with the taxis if they will have to go through the busway or outside. Proof of this is what happens in the Cinta Costera.

The project contemplates two exclusive lanes for Mi Bus, in the center of the road with a central island for the buses of the state-owned Mi Bus. Is that beneficial?

“There will be an area in the middle that will affect. What they plan to do is build stops every 600 meters. The Panamanian is used to being left in the place where he wants to get off”, he assures.

To date, it has not been stipulated how many stops will be made and what causes uncertainty is that there are about 20 in total, but the project does not plan to make that many, so you will have to walk and even underwater.

Ferreria points out that he has not seen or been presented with a section dedicated to people with disabilities, either at zebra crossings. Also, the left hand turn will not be allowed, so drivers must go to the end of the road to return.

“If I do a process of this type, if I consider the zebra to help improve movement, I’m already late. Capsules must be removed to create knowledge, because there are people who throw themselves crazy. If you are going to use a pedestrian light, wait for your light. If the driver violates it, there must be an exemplary fine, ”she clarifies.

Currently, there are an estimated 60,000 people living in the areas where this project will be carried out, and he says that a census should be done to see if there are other options in the area.

How long will it take to build?
Luis Ferreira affirms that it could take about two or three years to be carried out, depending on the planning, without counting on any setback, although he assures that this government will not do it because the next year will already be dedicated to politics.

and the small merchants

“Right now, what is least wanted is to create fewer jobs due to the pandemic crisis. The last thing you want is to create more unemployment and if you are going to relocate, you better know where, but knowing everything, they will tell you, ”she sentenced.

In statements made by Mop authorities a few months ago, they said that the project will reduce MiBus traffic within the 5.4-kilometre section from 30 to 15 minutes between Cinquantenario Avenue and Via Porras.

Also have stated that the reference price for this project is about $80,168,741.30.

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