Energy flat rate of 300 euros: consumer advice center with an urgent warning!  You have to take that into account

For most of them, the September salary is so far: the state donates 300 euros gross as energy flat rate.

With this Energy flat rate should at least partially compensate for the enormously increased prices. But now the consumer center NRW warns of a danger. Don’t fall for that!

Energy flat rate of 300 euros: be careful! You should pay attention to that

There is 300 gross from the state to cushion the galloping inflation in heating costs. This does not cover the additional costs, but it is at least a small financial support.

More about the energy flat rate:

  • The 300 euros gross for employees and the self-employed were decided by the federal government in the second relief package.
  • Payment is possible with the September salary or later.
  • Students and pensioners initially went away empty-handed.
  • In the third relief package, the traffic light coalition decided that pensioners would also receive 300 euros in December. Students get 200 euros.

But beware: If you are not careful, you could end up with less money. Criminals are at work!

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The 300 euros are paid with the salary. In most cases with the September salary. The recipients do not have to apply for or initiate anything. Everything runs automatically. This is exactly what is important to know, because criminals now want to take advantage of the energy flat rate. They try to fool uninformed people.

In September, millions of Germans will receive a gross energy price of 300 euros with their wages. Photo: IMAGO / Sven Simon

Fraud in the case of energy flat rate: consumer advice center with an urgent warning

As the consumer center NRW reports, e-mails are currently circulating. In which people are asked to provide personal data for the payment of the 300 euro flat rate. These emails look like they come from Sparkasse or other banks. SMS messages are also going around, allegedly from the “Federal Ministry of Finance”. Phishing Alert!

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In both cases, it is claimed that data must first be entered in order to initiate the payout. That is not correct. Particularly dangerous: Due messages do not immediately attract attention with spelling mistakes, as is usual with similar emails. So more people could fall into the trap.

The consumer advice center advises moving the e-mails to the spam folder and not clicking on any links. Don’t reply to the messages at all and just ignore them.

Source: Derwesten

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