Cristina Kirchner supported her lawyer and called Luciani and Mola liars

the vice president Cristina Kirchner supported his lawyer Alberto Beraldi after the allegation for the Public Works case and called liars Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola. The vice president’s defense refuted all the points of the prosecutors’ accusation and denounced an “information blackout” around the case. In its exhibition before the Federal Oral Court No. 2 (TOF No. 2) indicated that “it was proven” that the accusation “It is false and baseless«.

«Tomorrow, starting at 8 am, Dr. Alberto Beraldi begins the plea for my defense in the trial known as ‘Vialidad’. He listens carefully as he undresses the scripted farce of prosecutors Luciani and Mola. Will Clarín and La Nación broadcast it? », The former president had anticipated on her Twitter account, who is accused of being the head of a gang of illicit association with the public works of Santa Cruz during the presidency of Néstor Kirchner and his.

Meanwhile, today he published the following post, equally confrontational as the previous one: «You saw what I told you yesterday, right? That Beraldi was going to undress the script of Luciani and Mola. I correct myself, he went much further: he proved in a documented way -as should be done in any trial- that Luciani and Mola lied blatantly. He, out of professional decorum, called it malpractice.”

The highlights of the defense of Cristina Kirchner

The lawyer Alberto Beraldi used the opposition of the prosecutors’ accusations with testimonies that were recorded over three years of trial. According to his interpretation, they show that the prosecutors “constructed a story” on the basis of “lies.” He also wondered how the prosecutors were able to build the accusation by maintaining that none of the control bodies, including Congress, fulfilled their control function or did so by ignoring what, according to the indictment, were crimes of illicit association and fraud to the detriment of the administration. public.

“They have clearly imputed the violation of duties to a huge number of legislators without anyone saying anything. Everyone listens to it as if it were a natural thing”, Beraldi was surprised. Together with her partner, Ary Llernovoy, Cristina Kirchner’s defense sought to bring down the accusation of prosecutor Diego Luciani, who asked for 12 years in prison.

Beraldi attacked the prosecutors’ argument that the government 2003 – 2015 resorted to the decrees of necessity and urgency (DNU) to reassign funds to the National Road Directorate in order to thus be able to “plunder” State funds to favor the alleged illicit association. Thus, the defender of Cristina Kirchner exhibited documentation on all the departments that received reallocations of budget items through DNU from 1994 to date. Among them are the Judiciary and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The political side of the argument

Carlos Beraldi pointed to the “lawfare” that, he assured, his client suffers. In this sense, he recalled the judicial process that began against Juan Domingo Perón after the 1955 coup d’état. “Perón was tried for treason against the country and illicit association, the same as Cristina,” he said. . He added that “those times were shameful and cannot be repeated. It cannot happen that judges are used for subordinate matters. That is never again, no corruption to justice. What millions of Argentines expect from this trial is that it be defined according to the law,” he said.

At the same time, he responded to the prosecution’s assertion that all political acts of the government can be subjected to the scrutiny of the judges. In this case, he observed an “excessive” allocation of items for public road works in Santa Cruz. Beraldi explained the scope of political sovereignty arising from the popular vote and recommended that, if you disagree with the political decisions of a government, you express your disagreement in the elections. However, according to him, there is no rule that regulates or prohibits the allocation of funds to the provinces.

“You can’t imagine what tomorrow will be like”

The argument will resume tomorrow at 9. The defense promised to surprise the court with the refutation of what the prosecutors called the “clean everything operation”, which the government of Cristina Kirchner would have ordered at the end of her administration. “If with what we have explained so far you have been surprised, They can’t even imagine what will be tomorrow, when we talk about that scandalous fact, slanders and lies, which the prosecutors called ‘cleaning everything’. A lie they uttered for the media to replicate,” he announced.

“If everything you’ve seen up to here was a scandal, when you see what it has to do with ‘cleaning everything’ they will not come out of their astonishment”. «They play with the commissioner’s horse. That’s why they can say anything. But in the trial it was shown that they lied, ”he insisted. After tomorrow’s session, the argument will end next Friday, when the word of Cristina Kirchner.

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