Charisma: 9 signs you have that certain something

In others you recognize that certain something immediately, but you don’t think you have it? Maybe yes. Pay attention to these signals.

Yes yes, that certain something. Everyone knows immediately what is meant. Or at least once met a person who embodies it. But describing what exactly it actually is is difficult for most people. That’s probably why this vague term: something. Anything can be anything. But it is not. At least not that certain something. Because that is something special.

With others, we usually sense immediately whether they have that certain something or not. They have a special charisma, a charisma that somehow catches the eye. Certainly not to the same extent for everyone, because the feeling of that certain something is also subjective. But if we feel it in someone, then usually very quickly.

Only very few would say that they themselves have that certain something. No wonder – after all, we don’t notice our own charisma and how we affect others. (By the way: We reveal the reasons why you usually underestimate yourself here). But you would like to know if you have that certain something? If many of the following things apply to you, at least there is some evidence that they do.

Do you have that certain something? That’s how you know it

1. People remember you

Are you often recognized, even by people with whom you have only had fleeting contact? Then you obviously made an impression.

2. You are a good listener

Do you find it easy to let others do the talking while stepping back and just being there? I bet a lot of people appreciate you for that quality.

3. You like yourself better in videos than in photos

You find yourself rather so medium photogenic? It’s quite possible that that’s actually true. The charisma doesn’t really come across in photos, facial expressions, gestures, way of speaking – everything that makes up a person’s charisma is missing in a rigid picture. So if you tend to like yourself better in video sequences, the explanation for this could be that you shine particularly through your charisma.

4. When you’re in a good mood, you infect others with it

Are most people friendly to you when you’re in a good mood? And return your smile? All right: They feel you!

5. You are relatively happy with yourself

Even if you’re plagued by more self-doubt than you might like: On the whole, can you live well with yourself? Then all you really have to do is pull off everything that bothers you about yourself, and you already know why you have that certain something for others.

6. You show your emotions

Those who are reasonably sensitive and emotionally intelligent usually know how you’re feeling? And if something makes you really happy, sad or angry, do you hide your feelings anyway? Says a lot that you have an open and balanced nature. And believe us: those around you would much rather have that, as if they had the feeling that you were always hiding something.

7. You are good at empathizing with others

Do you not only find it easy to listen, but also to understand others? And even on an emotional level, that is, can you really imagine how they feel, what they’re going through? Sounds like you’re the person whose advice you actually want to hear.

8. You can laugh at yourself

Even if you have a blackout and say something really stupid, can you laugh about it afterwards? And self-mockery is your thing anyway? You can’t even imagine how positively you stand out with such an unaffected manner in a world where most only show the best of themselves and many are guided by their vanity…

9. You don’t get along with everyone

As I said: that certain something doesn’t go down well with everyone! If you are authentic and self-confident, you are guaranteed to offend others. And you should also be aware that there are people who envy you for your charming charisma, your certain something, because they are insecure and dissatisfied with themselves.

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t have that certain something, don’t worry: Everyone’s personality changes throughout their lives anyway. So even if it’s not that far yet: Your heyday is guaranteed to come!


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