Carolina Gynning tested vaginal secretions as perfume: "We can cut this out"

The TikTok trend of “vabbing” has absolutely exploded on the platform, and it’s not for the squeamish. It simply involves a woman satisfying herself and then smearing behind her ears and dabbing a little on her neck with her secretions. This is to be able to attract rag.

What is vabbing that has become so big on TikTok?

The hashtag vabbing has over 20 million views on TikTok and users are now sharing their experiences with vabbing. Vabbing is an amalgamation of the words vagina and dabbing which means dab.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but vabbing works. Vabbing works 100%. I was offered two drinks by the pool and then I got a bag of beauty products,” shared TikToker @jewlieah.

But when the Australian doctor Sam Hay guested on the morning show Kyle & Jackie O so he broke the trend of vabbing.

– There are aromas that come “from down there”. Sometimes they can be cute, and sometimes they aren’t. It won’t work as a guy magnet in the way that some ladies might think, he said in a clip on TikTok.

Carolina Gynning tested vabbing

One of those who have now jumped on the trend and tested Vabbing is Carolina Gynning43. In the podcast “Gynning & Berg – Finding themselves” Carolina and Carina Berg44, talked about the trend in a couple of episodes.

And now Carolina Gynning has come to the rescue and tested the whole thing – but it wasn’t the success she had hoped for.

– So I drove vabbing when I got home. I worked myself up and hey and hoo. Then down on the sofa with Nishti, says Carolina.

Nishti is the nickname of Carolina’s boyfriend Victor Philipson36.

Viktor Philipson and Carolina Gynning. Image source: Stella Pictures.

Carolina Gynning’s words about vabbing: “No, it’s too disgusting”

In the podcast, Carolina is interrupted by Carina Berg, who has an important question. She wonders if Carolina “finished”.

– So when you worked yourself up to a happy state, did you stay in the happy state and pick up the perfume? Did you get yourself ready?, Carina wonders.

Carolina Gynning lubricated herself with her vaginal secretions. Image source: Stella Pictures.

– Yes!, I finished and then I took the perfume. The children had fallen asleep and we were going to watch a movie. Then he started to make some advances and such, but he never said anything like “God, you smell good”, Carolina explains disappointedly and then tells more about how the evening went on:

– I don’t have anything spectacular to say, it wasn’t like he panted and said “what new perfume do you have”. But it wasn’t like that. I think like this, no it’s too disgusting. I probably always smell like pussy. No, we have to remove this from the program, isn’t it a bit sick, laughs Carolina.

Source: Then24

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