From his role as president of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) Alberto Fernandez spoke from USA. The Argentine president asked again to stop with the blockade that is being carried out from the North American country to countries such as Cuba Y Venezuela in a release that he has been holding for months.

“The pandemic exposed the inequality that the world is experiencing. Latin America is the most unequal continent in the world, the one that shows the greatest differences between the income of the richest sectors and the most impoverished”, he stated. Following this, he warned that the region “has also experienced the costs of working disunited. Unasur was put to an end, Mercosur was put into crisis, other groups appeared, the Lima Group, Prosur, which only generated dispersion.”

Following this, he asked “work together again and call for an end to blockades» referring to Cuba and, to a lesser extent, Venezuela. He also demanded “join the effort to help the countries of the Caribbean to cope with the tragedy of climate change” in addition to joining forces in raising their voices against the United States, whom they tacitly defined as the cause of the obstructions.

In this same sense, he affirmed that “the missiles fly in the North but the famine is in the South” and that this should not be feasible taking into account the conditions of the region. “We are a source of food, we are a source of energy that the world claims. The secret is to see how we work so that all of Latin America can grow and develop in conditions of greater equality”insisted according to NA.

Alberto Fernandez’s plan

In order to reverse this present in Latin America and the Caribbean, Alberto Fernández launched an idea to be implemented. “We need a development bank. Latin America needs to develop a lot of infrastructure to strengthen the growth that it is seeing today. For us, sustainable development is only possible if we develop in an economy where social justice prevails”, he asserted.

“At CELAC we set up a fund to help the Caribbean countries meet the needs that arise when climate change mercilessly looms,” he added. In this way, he demanded from an entire continent the liberation of a certain sector to trade with Cuba and Venezuela for a better development of the entire continent.

Source: Elintransigente

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