A dispute closes vacancies in a school

The disarray of the educational policy of former Governor María Eugenia Vidal continues to kick in. Since the tragic explosion due to gas loss at school 49 in Moreno, another school in the same municipality, 37, was left without a building until the Buenos Aires government provided the land, and the municipality of Moreno managed the work of a new lot. The National University of Moreno offered as a temporary solution to occupy the premises of a technical secondary school dependent on the UNM that had just started its cycles, within the grounds of the University. But the years passed and the funds were not provided and no work was started. Meanwhile, the technical school continued to grow and no longer has room to incorporate new years.

“Because of the responsibility we have, we must go out and announce today that we have not found a way to ensure the continuity of the entire third year,” he told Page 12 Claudio Fardelli, director of the Polytechnic Secondary School (ESPUNM), dependent on the University of Moreno (UNM). The UNM, claims the building that he built and lent to Provincial Secondary School number 37 until he had his own. Meanwhile, the Municipality invites the University to build a new building for SPUM on the University premises, ignoring the validity of agreements signed by the national and provincial governments.

The University began activities in 2010 on a property ceded by a use agreement between the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family (SENAF), the Municipality of Moreno and the National University of Moreno. The national Ministry of Education launched a program for the creation of secondary schools in universities. In 2015, the UNM joined, after submitting the plans with all the buildings it needed, including those that preceded it.

From the subdivision of plots of the UNM property, it was established to carry out the school project and behind it a UNM Technological Institute. The plans were approved by both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Works, and the Municipality of Moreno.

In 2018, there was an explosion at School No. 49 in Moreno due to a gas leak, causing the death of Sandra Calamano and Rubén Rodríguez. Thus, the sessions of the crisis committees began. “They were made up of school authorities and parents. It was communal and informal. In one of those meetings it occurs to someone to hand over that building, without knowing whose it was, to school 37, which was a school that was located near the University and at that time was sharing a building with primary school number 24” , the latter closed for having its building in very poor condition, Fardelli said.

At the end of 2019, school 37, through an agreement between the province of Buenos Aires, the National Ministry of Education and the UNM, temporarily occupied the classrooms that were going to be used by ESPUNM, until the Province of Buenos Aires agreed to a new piece of land, which was going to be financed by the national government. After the foundation of ESPUNM in 2021, whose building was occupied by 37, it was assigned classrooms on the University premises, but provisional, for the course, until the building was returned.

From this situation, two years passed and the province of Buenos Aires did not deliver a new property for the 37, much less began the construction of the school.

Every year ESPUNM has a demand for 400 enrollees and they can only vacate 70, but since there is no longer room for new classrooms, the continuity of the higher cycle is in danger or the possibility of receiving new entrants in 2024. This situation was reported last week to the parents and students of the school.

“There are no vacancies, much less a computer science school in Moreno. It takes a lot of effort for us to send our children to that school. My daughter did the orientation and she is not going to receive the title of what she studied these last two years, ”said Alejandra, mother of a second-year ESPUNM student.

“The municipality does not recognize the part of the University’s land and systematically closes the land. Nor does it enable the environmental qualification for the work, which is why we still could not face the tender of the Technological Institute, which would go after ESPUNM,” Fardelli said.

The Municipality of Moreno, for its part, requested the tender to be able to build an Educational Pole where, according to the approved plans, the Technological Institute should go.

“This puts us in a dilemma. We are in a place where we practically cannot grow and we cannot add more classrooms”, explained Fardelli. And he continued: “In this sense, that would not allow us to ensure the continuity of the boys in the school. That is why the University has a position where it says that we can only insure first, second and third year. This is the conflict where we are right now.”

Parents and students from both schools, not receiving answers, marched to the Municipality of Moreno last Friday and were received by the Secretary of Public Works, the Regional District Chief of the Province and Suteba. They promised to create a work table between all the parties: the University, the mothers’ group, and the different institutions of the Municipality in order to find a solution to the conflict.

Report: Mercedes Chamli.

Source: Pagina12

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