This Monday, September 19, Mexico once again experienced a strong 7.7 earthquake on the Richter scale. Living in a country with so much telluric activity, it is essential to know what to do when the phenomenon arises, which is why in this note we will give you 8 tips to survive an earthquake.

The month of September arrives and the vast majority of Mexicans, especially those who live in the central states of the country, know that they must be attentive to the seismic alerts of their localities that will warn of the generation of an earthquake, after which they must apply the established protocol.

8 tips you need to know to survive an earthquake

Signs of an earthquake

First of all, it is essential to know the signs of an earthquake, which can include anything from hearing a thunderous sound that becomes louder, coupled with the sensation of a rocking that starts out soft and, after a few seconds, becomes violent.

the safe points

Meanwhile, another important piece of advice for surviving an earthquake is to know what the safer points in houses, buildings and on the streets. It should be noted that the leading cause of death and injury during earthquakes is due to falling building materials and heavy objects, including cabinets, bookcases, or fences.

To plan

Meanwhile, a third important piece of advice in the event of an earthquake is to practice, in advance and repeatedly, what should be done in the event that an earthquake begins to occur in the city. Ideally, the whole family is part of the simulacrum.

Drop, Cover, and Hold On

When the drill is being carried out, it is necessary to crouch down on hands and knees, as this will prevent the person from falling, while allowing movement. Also, cover your head and neck by getting under a sturdy piece of furniture, such as a desk or table. Naturally, the earthquake will cause violent movements, so you have to hold on to the place where the person is sheltered. All this must be remembered when the phenomenon actually occurs.

Evacuation plan

Likewise, it is also important to have an evacuation plan in the event of an earthquake, in case it is necessary to evacuate from the damaged area. It is best to plan an alternate exit in each room or area. In addition, it should be noted the outdoor place where the whole family should gather after the emergency is over.

Assemble an emergency kit

Another tip for surviving an earthquake is to build a emergency kitwhich must include a first aid kit, as well as emergency supply kits for the house and the family vehicle, where there must be water and food, which must last at least 3 days
A list should be made of relevant information, such as an emergency contact phone number and medical information. In addition, all important documents must be gathered and stored in a waterproof and fireproof place.

Break into gas, electricity and water supply systems

Should be locate all the main switches or valves for water, electricity and gaswhich must be intervened so that the service is cut off, for which information can be requested from the companies responsible for them.

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household items

The following items should be included in your home earthquake emergency supply kit:

  • An axe
  • a shovel
  • A broom
  • Towing or rescue rope
  • resistant shoes
  • Extinguisher
  • Gloves
  • A whistle or device for sending signals.

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