The theory of ex-military César Milani about the attack against Cristina Kirchner

Two weeks from try of assassination against the vice president Cristina Kirchnerpublicly reappeared Cesar Milani. It is nothing more and nothing less than the former Chief Major General of Argentinian army, who postulated his theory about the failed attack against the former president. In this sense, Milani blamed the oppositionto the Power of attorney already the media of communication to generate violent reactions in a section of the population.

“What are some hegemonic groups wanting, from the media, from powers that have become accustomed to managing Argentina in the last hundred years in an authoritarian way? What are these opposition crier groups looking for? Are they looking for another bloodbath, a civil war?” Milani said in statements to AM 470 Radio Rebelde.

Along the same lines, he affirmed that, if Fernando Sabag Montiel had been shot, a civil war would have been unleashed in Argentina as a result of the death of the vice president. In addition, he revealed that he is in a state of alert, and emphasized that the Army and the Security Forces “will be on the side of the people’s Constitution” in the face of an eventual conflictive outcome.

“Are we looking for another new bloodbath? I ask the criers of hatred against Peronism and its militants. What are these kind of people who are garbage looking for? They can politically say leaders of the PRO, of Cambiemos, of Together for Change, or libertarians like the unpresentable (Javier) Milei or others who accompany him like (Ricardo) López Murphy”, he lambasted.

And he insisted: “But, what are these garbage looking for? That a new breeding ground be created in our beloved homeland where we have a breeding ground again where we will once again have an armed confrontation between factions?”, attacked the military man. From this, the ex-military took it on with the head of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, and with the former president Mauricio Macri.

Against the latter, Milani questioned them for having participated in the mobilizations that were organized after the coronavirus pandemic by sectors of society that brought body bags and a guillotine to Plaza de Mayo as part of the claim. And he spoke of a “(political) use of (Alberto) Nisman’s suicide,” said the former head of the Army, ruling out a homicide.

“These situations of extreme violence that they have created, with the hatred of proclaiming violence… Because those who went to the demonstrations and appeared like Bullrich, like Macri, like these leaders who are hanging around these groups… We see links with (Nicolás) Caputo, with advisers to senators in the Intelligence Bicameral, lawyers who go around those areas, these groups have created these situations,” he explained.

“This can trigger an election like when they fabricated Nisman, and committed suicide to have four years in power. This can trigger a civil war, a bloodbath! ”, He asserted. Finally, Milani denounced the actors behind the violent groups and warned that the investigation should be directed towards revealing the intellectual authors of the attack.

“During the pandemic, there were people who went to demonstrate with the Argentine flag and threw away the mortuary bags, put up gallows with hanging dolls, the guillotine, and a breeding ground was formed in which these boys who were not very emotionally stabilized and with problems of other types, were consubstantiated. The serious thing about this is that behind it you have to see who presses the tail of the trigger of a weapon to kill a vice president, ”he pointed out.

Lastly, he sent a message to the Judiciary and the main referents of Together for Change, while calling for reflection. “Be careful because this is wearing them, because if it had happened at this moment we would not be talking here. Let’s reflect after what has happened, some still deny, it was very serious, “he stressed.

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