The PRO candidates for 2023: Does Mauricio Macri join?

The elections 2023 They are already beginning to throb in Argentina and the different parties propose their candidates. In Together for Change they have several pre-candidates for presidents as a result of being a coalition space. However, the most prominent sector is PRO who has as owner Mauricio Macri who was encouraged to talk about his companions.

The former president raised Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Maria Eugenia Vidal and Patricia Bullrich as candidates for the highest position and defined each one of them. «The 3 of the PRO are well planted. In the order you want. I don’t want to make a difference. I help the 3. The 3 are much better for a year, “said the former president on LN +.

Following this, he analyzed that the head of the Buenos Aires government is “better planted in the face of what he wants to do and proclaims something dialoguist.” To the astonishment of the spectators, the holder of the PRO was shown against of this policy by saying that “if the people are not empowered this time to make an economic and institutional change, it cannot be. That debate can last for months or years and while the young people leave the country. The boys stay if they see leadership and decision against the gangsters.

On the other hand, he highlighted that Bullirch sees her “more solid in his approach and also understands that you have to expand your opinion to other issues. Not just security where he did things very well. Finally, Macri argued that Vidal It is “coming out of the trauma of the Province and it is clear why it is necessary to return” in addition to the fact that it is “firmer in the suburbs” than before.

Silent on the PRO

Throughout the interview, Mauricio Macri made silence and did not answer two questions that Luis Majúl asked him. The first was about her relationship with Gerardo Morales (UCR) and Elisa Carrió. «With Gerardo I’m not going to answer. Let each one take charge of explaining the aggressions. With Lilita fine. I don’t have to go around explaining anything because I’m not president, everyone take chargehe replied.

Another of the leader’s silent responses was when he was asked if he would also be a candidate for president in 2023. “I recognize that who is important, but what for is much more important. That doesn’t change what I’m doing at all. I don’t like being told what to do. I don’t need no revenge”.

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