during the program “The interview” with Yordi Rosado, Paul Stanley spoke about the anxiety disorder that was accentuated with the death of his father, Paco Stanley, as well as his feelings towards Mario Bezares, who along with Paola During, He was imprisoned accused of being the intellectual author of the murder of the driver.

“I would like justice to be done, I think about it every day”he assured when referring to the freedom of Bezares.


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“They were in jail and left for lack of evidence, not because of innocence, time passes and then that uncertainty affects you. In what you learn to forgive you are always with that constant question “answered Rosado when he questioned him about the doubts he has about what happened.

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$!Mario Bezares was accused of being the intellectual assassin of Paco Stanley.

Mario Bezares was accused of being the intellectual assassin of Paco Stanley.

He remembered the last time he saw “Mayito” It was at Paco Stanley’s funeral, and that he felt cheated by the presenter: “He gave me a phone that was not his and I was an asshole there dialing him. As a child you seek to anchor yourself to the closest thing that was to your father “. He affirmed that after that occasion they have never seen each other again, they have not crossed paths in a forum or in a corridor.

He recognized the anger produced by the video in which Mario Bezares makes fun of the tragic moment in which Stanley was murdered.

“I was very shitty. Anyone can make it (a joke), except him who was at the point where you were one of the first to say that he had been part of what had happened with my dad. He is the least indicated to be able to make that joke and also to expose his family in that way ”he said visibly annoyed.


“I’m not interested in talking to him. It is already a point that I already took, I said what I thought and I don’t want to touch that subject anymore “assured, but Yordi Rosado He insisted that the case is not closed and that the files have not moved for 20 years.

“We leave everything in the justice of Mexico. I would like justice to be done, I think about it every day, but also for the mental health of my family and myself, it is a very difficult process, catharsis within me is very difficult. I think of my brothers, their mother, my mother and future generations, because everything is on the internet”he claimed.

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the driver of “Today” recounted the discomfort it causes him when people on the street approach him to greet him and ask him about the tragedy that took his life paco stanley.

“There are many very stupid people who do not have that sensitivity to what they are saying. I’ve been on the street and people come and ask ‘hey, who killed your dad?’ Are you seriously asking me that? And I turn around and don’t answer that.”.

He also recalled the pain that caused him to see in the newspapers the explicit photograph of his murdered father when he was going to the funeral home where the funeral was taking place.


He admitted how much it hurts him that when uploading something related to his father to his social networks, many users insult him: “(They call him) a cocaine addict, a drug dealer. Don’t suck, my dad wasn’t that. He brought happiness to many homes, that was my boss. Francisco Stanley Albaitero’s life was not the last two hours of his life. There is a very big before”.

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Most of the time, Paul Stanley dedicated it to remembering his father and mentioned the pain caused by the driver of “Pacate them!” the times he neglected to mention it when asked about his children, however, he fondly recalled the relationship between them.


paco stanley He was shot to death on June 7, 1999 in Mexico City.

In the same interview, the actor also mentioned some celebrities such as Tania Lizardo, Roxanna Castellanos and Michelle Renaudwith whom he had courtships before committing to the Puerto Rican model Joey Bernat.

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