I walk more than 10 kilometers a day while working on the computer: this is the equipment I use and the benefit it brings me

The pandemic left (almost) all of us at home and gave the definitive boost to the implementation of teleworking. As a consequence, there are companies and workers who have discovered its advantages, abandoning this modality or combining it with attendance permanently. In Xataka, teleworking did not catch us again, but it did make us consider something more than ever: the need to disconnect and do more exercise.

This is the case of Amparo Babiloni, editor of Xataka and director of Xataka Android and Xataka Movil, who has spent months preparing a market study until find your perfect telecommuting table: This has been your experience.

Reasons to buy a lift table

If you have a sedentary job, you can end the day with a high level of exhaustion and with the feeling that you have not moved more than necessary. But it is that if you also telework from home, this feeling is triggered: there are reasons for it. Add to the cocktail that you may not have time, desire or motivation for some “extracurricular” sports, not having a pet you can walk or a child to take to their chores.

Something like this happened to Amparo who recognizes that “I spent the working day sitting down and it is something that at certain moments overwhelmed me a lot. I knew about the elevating tables and I was encouraged because could both work standing up and combine it with a treadmill.”

How to choose a good table

Once Amparo made the decision, it was time to study the market: she had to choose a height-adjustable table that fit her needs, budget and her workplace. Although she has points in common with the choice of a table to work, there are other specific characteristics:

The first thing that Amparo points out is stability: “There are many “cheap” height-adjustable tables, but if they are not stable, it is expensive in the end. Imagine being at work and with the screen constantly wobbly. In addition to the fact that it can end up giving us a scare, it must be very uncomfortable.” This point is especially important if you plan to walk on a treadmill at the same time.

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Buying guide for IKEA work tables: best recommendations and 10 outstanding desks from 25 euros

Another important design aspect is the maximum height it reaches, a point that Amparo explains is especially important for tall people.

“I shouldn’t have a problem with this because I’m of normal height (168cm), but I had to add a few inches to it because I was going to use the tape too. To give you an idea, I usually place the table on the treadmill at 112cm. There is a Jarvis frame model (the 3-stagelow frame) that only reaches 107.2cm, so I had to get one that reached higher, specifically up to 127cm: the Flexispot E5 (339 euros with coupon)”

Finally, you have to look at how much is the maximum weight they support: “especially if you plan to put several screens and more heavy devices in the table. My table supports up to 158 kg, but a cheaper one like Ikea’s RODULF (279 euros) stays at 80kg.”

With all this clear, it is time to consider what mechanism the table will use to rise, which essentially boils down to whether they have an integrated motor or it is done manually. Amparo explains that this system is somewhat related to the range of the table: “I considered buying one with a crank because it was cheaper, but normally the tables that have a crank are usually cheaper in everything and I was afraid to sacrifice stability.”

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Myths and realities after two months working on your feet

What I like most and least about my elevating table

After clarifying the fundamental points for get it right buying a table to work standing upit is time to adjust it to our personal experience and give one more twist, such as the price or the after-sales service.

Amparo says that “when I started researching height-adjustable tables, I always looked at the cheapest models, but after a while I realized that, if I wanted a durable one that would give me a good experience, the investment had to be a little higher.”

The choice was narrowed down to two: Flexispot and Fully. “Both brands had everything I was looking for: a stable frame, a bamboo top (it’s the finish I liked the most) and a motor with several presets. I finally went with the Jarvis from Fully. It was a little more expensive, but there wasn’t much difference Y They also offer a 10-year warranty.. The good opinions of the company ended up convincing me.”

He bought the table in January of this year, so he already has experience with it, stating that one thing is the technical data sheet and another is the day-to-day reality. Was Amparo right with her purchase? She explains that at the moment she is very happy with her purchase, but there is always a “but”:

“To give it a snag, I chose the bamboo tabletop, as well as because I love it, because of its resistance. The table is perfect structurally, but the board has some marks (courtesy of my cats) that I did not expect to appear so quickly or easily.”

Accessories for working with a lifting table

Table purchased, received and assembled in your workplace, you have to place the rest of the setup to discover that devices and accessories are missing or that the ones that exist do not fit this new scenario. In Amparo’s case, when she bought the table, “I also bought the treadmill, a monitor stand and an XXL mat.”

The tape is a Citysports (299 euros) “I chose it for price and, above all, because it was sold by Amazon. I didn’t want to be scared if I had any problems and, in fact, I did.”

“A couple of months after having it, it gave me an error with the pilot that warns that the tape must be lubricated (it was going perfectly, only the pilot did not go out) and they changed it for a totally new one without putting any problem. I also considered buying the Xiaomi folding (443 euros), but it was much more expensive and I was not convinced by the valuations.”


Regarding the support for your monitor, in this time working with your elevating table there have been changes: “initially I bought this ELLOVEN monitor support from Ikea (29 euros) that I spray-painted black myself, but recently I replaced it with this arm (113 euros) because so I have a clearer table and it allows me to adjust the angle of the screen.

“On the mat, I looked at XXL felt mats and they were very expensiveso in the end I bought a floor mat that I found in a Chinese bazaar near my house.”

With this montage, Amparo details how fast she walks while telecommuting: “I usually walk at 3.5 km/h and I usually do at least 1 hour a day, sometimes more.”

Recommended models

Amparo’s pre-purchase process was long, “I read opinions, watched videos on YouTube and browsed several stores very thoroughly”, these are the models that she considered:

Screenshot 2022 09 12 At 10 03 43

The IKEA RODULF (379 euros) “the cheapest option and with an electric motor. I discarded it because it is only in gray and because of the issue of stability. It is not super unstable, but I did not see it clearly for walking on a treadmill. If you are only going to work standing up, it is the best quality-price option.”

RODULF Sit/Stand Desk,

RODULF Sit/Stand Desk,

Screenshot 2022 09 12 At 10 08 05

Ikea’s UPPSPEL (539 euros): “Ikea’s gamer range has height-adjustable desks and I would say that, together with the IDASEN (609 euros), they are the highest quality in terms of structureand. The legs are very sturdy and you have the option to store several heights in memory to adjust it faster. The problem is that I didn’t like the design and there are no more options here.”

UPPSPEL Gaming Desk, Black

UPPSPEL Gaming Desk, Black

Screenshot 2022 09 12 At 10 12 37

Flexispot E5 (from 339.99 euros marking coupon, only the structure): “one of the things that Flexispot has is that, as its name indicates, allows a lot of flexibility when setting up your table. You can choose the color of the structure, the size of the board and the material. You can even put your own board on it and save quite a bit (unless you want it made of solid wood, of course).”

FLEXISPOT E5 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, Standing Desk, Solid Steel Desk with 4 Memory Buttons, 2 Motors, 3 Stages, Weight Capacity 100KG

FLEXISPOT E5 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, Standing Desk, Solid Steel Desk with 4 Memory Buttons, 2 Motors, 3 Stages, Weight Capacity 100KG

Screenshot 2022 09 12 At 10 14 26

Ergonofis, The alive standing desk ($2,895 CAD): “I discovered this brand while watching a video by youtuber Edward Lee and I fell in love with the design of their products, especially the Alive Standing Desk with that natural finish table top. When I saw the prices I discarded it immediatelyas I suppose most of you will, but I wanted to include it so you can see that when it comes to lifting tables, the sky is the limit.”

More offers

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