It is now possible to visit the mythical City 17 from the inside and in real size, thanks to the magic of virtual reality. And it’s free!

if you have some virtual reality glasseswe are going to explain how to install free Half-Life 2 VR: Mod to play, in the most immersive way possible, one of the best games in history.

Virtual reality hasn’t quite taken off in the world of gaming, so few major companies have dared to create powerful games for it. That’s why fans are creating Mods to play the most important games in virtual reality. Hundreds of them already exist, including Elder Ring, GTA V, Red Read Redemption 2, Resident Evil Village, and many more.

This Friday has landed Half-Life 2: VR Moda semi-official mod, supported by Valve, for play Half-Life 2 in virtual reality. And it is impressive! Here you can see the presentation video:

The mod allows you to play the full Half-Life 2, from within. And with a perfect dubbing in Spanish. The use of the protagonist’s weapons and hands has been completely redesigned, so that the movement controls of the virtual reality glasses can be used.

Having to load the weapon and aim with your hands instead of moving a finger with the stick, or hitting with the mythical stick by moving your arm, changes everything.

Visit the scenarios of City 17 in real size, even with graphics that are a few years old, it’s spectacular. The scale produces sensations never before experienced. It is not the same to face a Walker that measures 40 centimeters on the screen of your TV or monitor, than to do it in virtual realitywhere you have to move between the legs of a monster 13 meters high.

The mod It works very well, with the limitations of a mod, which is still a patch within a game that was not designed for virtual reality. This is noted in that, for example, the character moves very fast, especially when driving the buggy. Luckily, vignette mode, “ear muffs” and other visual aids have been implemented so that dizziness does not occur.

Mod is supported with all Steam VR headsets: Quest 2, HP Reverb 2, Valve Index, HTC VIve models, Pimax, Windows Mixed Reality, etc.

How to install Half-Life 2: VR Mod

Although it is a Mod, Half-Life 2: VR Mod has had the support of Valvethat’s why it’s much easier to install than a traditional mod.

First of all, you need to have the Half-Life 2 game purchased on your Steam account, which right now costs about 8 euros. But you don’t have to install it.

Instead you must install Half-Life 2: VR Mod. The Mod itself will detect that you have Half-Life 2 on your account, and it will automatically install and modify it to play it in virtual reality, without you having to do anything. And that’s it! You don’t have to manually copy files or change any settings, as usual. It will even download the dubbing into Spanish.

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An essential mod that every fan of virtual reality should tryeven if you don’t like mods, because here is a standalone game that doesn’t force you to mess around with complex settings.

A good pastime while we await the arrival of the revolutionary PlayStation VR 2.

Half-Life 2: VR Mod is a completely free mod developed by Source VR Mod Team. And although Valve has not collaborated in its creation, it has allowed it to be installed easily from Steam, so that everyone can experience the magic of playing the mythical half life 2 in virtual reality.


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