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A couple of years ago, we were consumed by topics such as digitization or innovation. With the pandemic, many companies reinvented themselves and many others went down in history. The digital transformation machine acquired unprecedented massiveness and speed that imposed not only new challenges, but also new solutions. It is exactly all these solutions that have finally converged in a new lifestyle and perspective of digitization that generations demand as consumers.

These are the 4 values ​​of digital communication for the new era and they will help you to stop just acquiring technology, but to understand the relationship with customers in a contemporary, digitized and closer way.

1. Real-time attention

The demand for immediacy is not something of today, but it has risen to competitive standards, especially when it comes to information or resolution of difficulties (not to mention delivery in the case of retail). The world is just a few clicks away and people know it. The delays are no longer justified nor is the lack of technology an incentive for consumers.

2. Human attention

Around the world thousands, and probably millions, of services that were provided in person have been able to be digitized, be it a single interaction or larger processes such as labor management. Hundreds of branches closed and under the wing of the uncertainty of their workers, consumers dealt with frustration from their homes. At this critical point of isolation is when the value of human attention resurfaces, dedicated and personalized attention that can hardly be replaced by technology, complement it or enhance it; but not replace it.

3. Care without borders.

Another advantage that the digitization of recent years brought with it on a larger scale was geographic decentralization. People, companies and a diversity of services break down barriers not only geographical, but also bureaucratic and digital. The processes are followed online, they are validated immediately and not only through the traditional documents, receipts and invoices… The forms of interaction have surpassed the barriers of printed matter, allowing a variety of forms of interaction, file formats , channels and media. Everything within reach of an internet connection.

4. Attention that connects

Empathy, service quality and business intelligence are key to making each client or consumer an ally. Consumers do not want to be a ticket number or just one more sale, they seek benefits and stability with a brand that not only offers a tangible or intangible but also meets and commits to them as people rather than as customers.

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