Bill Gates is convinced that the original UN list to achieve the 17 sustainability goals by 2030 will not be met.

The climate change it is a fact, something that is affecting the environmentespecially made worse and worse by the pollution of large cities and affecting the temperaturewith each time absolute records of heat in the summers.

Y Bill Gates He is very concerned about climate change, because he does not see any progress in this regard compared to the objectives that had been set previously, and he not only talks about temperature or pollution, but also believes that the environment can end up being devastating for the life on our planet.

And it is worth remembering that in 2015 the UN made a list of 17 sustainability goals that aimed to end poverty, fight inequality and, above all, stop climate change by 2030 And, as you can imagine, we don’t seem to be on time.

And now Gates, who originally believed in these sustainability benchmarks, now calls them into question in a recent interview with The New York Times where he comments that “the effects of the pandemic and now the effects of the war in Ukraine are very dramatic, and there are big setbacks in all these measures. And these measures are very important, even if we do not reach the goal, we are still talking about millions of lives”.

But what is affecting Bill Gates the most is the issue of distraction of humanityin matters such as the recent war in Ukraine that will bring even greater consequences for not achieving these sustainability goals by 2030.

The scariest thing of all is not that we’re late. It is the continuous distraction of the war in Ukraine” for not being able to help poor countries and not being able to make as much progress in climate mitigation action. “This is a huge thing, whether it be defense costs, electricity costs, refugee costs or fertilizer costs.”, he comments.

Goodbye to sustainability goals

With the war now higher than the pandemic, and with interest rates going up, with debt levels everywhere, including in Africa. The next five years will be a challenge”, he concludes.

In this way, Bill Gates not only considers that the objectives to mitigate climate change will not be achieved, but also the challenge of fighting inequality and ending poverty.


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