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Heavy atmosphere in Brasilia. Hours before of the military parade organized by President Jair Bolsonaro For this Wednesday, in commemoration of Independence Day, the capital’s sky turned black due to a large fire in the National Park. The advance of the flames was favored by very low humidity, 12 percent on Monday and 20 percent on Tuesday.

In some neighborhoods of the northern outskirts the air became unbreathable at noon when in the center dozens of workers set up the stands where on Wednesday generals and ministers will see the parade go by. To give more grandeur (and some necrophilia) to the date, the president had the formalin heart of Emperor Pedro I, the pro-independence hero, brought from Portugal.

Meanwhile some helicopters were flying low over this city saturated with army cars and police mobiles reflects the civic-military power system built with the arrival of Bolsonaro at the Planalto Palace in 2019.

beleaguered court

On Monday night, a dozen Bolsonarist truckers tried to cross the checkpoints placed on the main avenue, the Monumental Axis, with the purpose of repeat what happened on September 7 of last year when the Palace of the Federal Supreme Court was surrounded.

A judge of that court commented to the UOL news portal, on condition of anonymity, that although all possible security measures were adopted, including a system that prevents drones from flying over, There is still a risk that the palace will be attacked in the middle of the national celebrations.

Without people

Almost no one circulated through the center this Tuesday since the government decreed a holiday and with it the metropolis of futuristic buildings and museums resembling space capsules transmitted a ghostly air conducive to political speculation.

“Bolsonaro is preparing the coup?“, asks a correspondent colleague to immediately respond, “I don’t think I can because you have the (American) Embassy and Globo (TV) against you.”

It is realistic to consider that the captain president It will be difficult for him to carry out his desired self-coup if neither the White House nor the media companies are on his side. dominant, two factors of power that years ago facilitated their ascent up the Planalto ramp.

anyways the images of armored vehicles and warplanes parading, possibly together with tractors donated by agribusiness, cheered by thousands of people will give a dimension of the convening power of the ultra-right ruler. And he will show the military support that he has less than a month before the elections in which he will seek re-election.


This Wednesday morning there will be a military parade in Brasilia and in the afternoon another in Rio de Janeiro, with stunts by Air Force aircraft and Navy ships in front of Copacabana beach. Bolsonaro will be in both, who is expected to deliver speeches as coup-mongering as those of a year ago, when the first destabilizing trial took place.

One of the targets should be the electoral justice commanded by Judge Alexandre de Moraeswho recently ordered the search of the offices of eight businessmen suspected of financing a coup attempt in the event that Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.


While in Brasilia this Tuesday he was on a vigil, with far-right activists from other states setting up camps or staying in hotels, in São Paulo, former President Lula analyzed, together with his colleagues from the Workers’ Party, the numbers of the latest survey released by the chain Balloon Monday night, where appears with 44 percent of voting intentions compared to 33 percent for Bolsonaro.

That poll and another one released on Monday afternoon brought fresh air to the PT headquarters because they indicate a modest setback for their rival from the Liberal Party. These numbers allow to feed the hope, although it is distant, of victory in the first round of October 2 without the need to dispute the ballot of the 30 of that month.

Lula said that of the six presidential campaigns he has contested since 1989, in none of them “have we had as many chances to win in the first round as we have in these elections, and we are not afraid to say it, why not want to win in the first round if one tris is missing (for voting)?”

Regarding his antagonist, Bolsonaro stated that “He is usurping September 7 from the Brazilian people to make the festivities a personal thing.” And he added: “in the end, independence belongs to our country (…) of the 215 million Brazilians” and not to a candidate who uses the date as electoral spoils.” Lula also criticized Bolsonaro for freeing arms sales and his “hate” speech.


Other axes of Bolsonaro’s speeches this Wednesday must be the defense of “freedom” at all costs and the unrestricted sale of weapons in line with the policy carried out since the beginning of the government. Only that this libertarian justification does not manage to hide what that in reality would be the true purpose of that proposal: to have thousands of extremists armed and ready to act. In this sense, it is advisable to read this tweet posted on Monday by deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the president. “Did you buy a legal gun? Do you have a gun club or do you go to one? Then you have to become a Bolsonaro volunteer.”

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