What are smart buildings? Do they exist in Argentina? Yes folks, the future arrived a long time ago and this is a reality that encompasses us all. Technology is put at our service, for example with an app for consortiums, to make our lives simpler in all the areas we can imagine, optimizing resources and, in this case, also taking care of the environment.

The gifts that this new revolutionary era brings us, if we know how to manage them, can be an engine of change and unlimited progress.

Smart buildings are an innovative concept within modern architecture and are characterized by presenting different systems of integrated and disruptive technologies.

This includes home automation elements, such as turning on and off lights or audiovisual devices, doors, windows, etc., energy savings, automatically regulated air conditioning depending on the time of day or season of the year, cost reduction, renewable systems and proposes the confluence in harmony with the environment that surrounds us, respecting the ecosystem.

One of the great challenges that we have today as a society is the sustainability and efficiency to use and store energy. If we had to summarize it in a sentence it would be: almost everything can be managed from an app on the cell phone.

The Eighth Floor app for consortiums is consolidated in the market with multiple solutions

Multi-management platform in an app for consortiums

Octavo Piso is one of the main apps for consortiums, since it breaks with old paradigms, positioning itself as one of the most chosen by users. Partly due to its permanent update and also because it offers a comprehensive tool. Not only for owners, but for the entire administration management, optimizing the precious asset of time, investing in comfort and simplifying bureaucratic issues.

Octavo Piso is designed to interconnect providers, administrators and users in a single platform that can be visited from any computer, cell phone or mobile device.

One of the most requested services by customers is “routines”. These are commands that are sent to a cell phone, speaker or smart screen and that, when executed, a series of actions occur at the same time.

For example, by saying “Good Morning” the curtains of the home are raised, the coffee maker is turned on and a playlist is played. Another routine can be “leave” and, with this command, the curtains are closed, the air conditioning, the heating, the lights and the television are turned off.

One key of all these functionalities is that they can be controlled from the property or remotely from anywhere in the world. In this way, the user can, for example, activate the heating one hour before arriving home so that it is at the desired temperature. Thus, avoid leaving it running all day with the house empty, wasting energy.

The technology of the Eighth Floor app integrates multiple services for users and administrators

smart security

Buildings of this nature also provide intelligent security. Supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies, some of the solutions with greater functionality that it provides are:

-Face Recognition: for secure entrances and exits of the property, without the need for cards or access codes. Alert notice to the monitoring center if an unauthorized person wants to enter or leave the premises.

-Recognition of vehicle patents.

-Perimeter protection: high-definition security video that delivers accurate and predictive intrusion alerts.

-Access control.

-Surveillance center: Allows you to concentrate all your activities in one place.

More information in: https://www.octavo-piso.com.ar/

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