Vice President Izkia Siches called on citizens not to buy from street vendors and urged all those who have found sustenance in this type of work to formalize their business.

Monday, August 8, 2022 11:22 a.m.

In a joint effort with Carabineros, the Ministry of the Interior, the presidential delegation of the Metropolitan Region and the Municipality of Maipú put into action the Public Spaces Recovery Program in the commune, to eliminate illegal trade in the Plaza de Maipú.

The instance was attended by the vice president, Izkia Siches; the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve; the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergara; the presidential delegate, Contanza Martínez, the mayor of the commune of Maipú, Tomás Vodanovic and the general of the Police Metropolitan Area, Enrique Monrás. This operation is added to others that have been carried out in the different metro stations and in the Meiggs neighborhood, with the objective is to intervene spaces that have been taken over by street vendors.

According to the Vice President of the Republic, the recovery of spaces together with local authorities is essential to advance to safer communes and regions. A) Yes, Siches took advantage of the instance to make a call to the citizens and requested not to consume from illegal trade.

“We need your collaboration to live in more orderly and safe places, in this the invitation is not to buy in non-established stores, to contribute and collaborate with these initiatives”declared the authority.

In addition, he addressed street vendors to formalize their work. “To all those people who have found a source of work and livelihood around informal commerce, to advance in the different formulations for its formalization“, he stated and added that “these measures are not against people, but on the contrary, for their benefit.”

In the same way, the presidential delegate of the Metropolitan Region, Constanza Martínez, pointed out that just as it was done in the subway stations, in the Barrios Meiggs and now it will be done in the Plaza de Maipú, the idea is that “that order and recovery reaches all corners of our regions. That is why we believe that in a place as crowded as the Plaza de Maipú, where there are nearly 30,000 people who frequent this space every day, it is important that the force of the State be felt again“, highlighted

For his part, the mayor of the commune, Tomás Vodanovic, maintained that today’s announcement was thanks to the work of several months by the Ministry of the Interior, the Presidential Delegation, Police and the mayor’s office “to fulfill one of the most heartfelt desires of the community maipucina what is it recover our Plaza de Maipú, a historical and emblematic place, where thousands of people pass every day”.

“To govern is to order, to govern is to set limits, to govern is to see the different interests, but to watch over the common good,” he stressed. Along the same lines, he declared that “today we have a government that acts decisively in the recovery of public spaces for the community.” Likewise, the mayor of the commune explained that it has always been said that the squares, the streets and the sidewalks are public spaces that belong to all the residents of Maipú and no one can claim the right to appropriate them for personal purposes.

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