Essen: Woman hits hard when she finds DAS on her doorstep – “mess”

Essen vs. Bochum – The ultimate city comparison

Essen vs. Bochum – The ultimate city comparison

Essen and Bochum form the heart of the district. But which of the two Ruhpott metropolises is actually the cooler one? We have compiled the highlights of the cities for you. Now you have to decide.

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Meal. Well, that’s a real sh…e in meal!

That local residents in meal and complaining elsewhere about dog owners who allow four-legged friends to do their big business on sidewalks, playgrounds and walkways is perfectly understandable. But what now a woman from meal on her doorstep, knocks the bottom out!

Essen: Woman is shocked when she finds DAS on her doorstep – “mess”

The Essen resident shares a photo of her paved driveway on Facebook. And in the middle of the cobblestones there is actually a dog poo! The woman is angry, writes in her post: “Yes, maybe it’s not so nice in front of the driveway. Or why does someone let their dog do their business? If I ever see this, believe me, I’ll bring your dog’s poo home to you personally!”

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This is the city of Essen:

  • goes back to the Frauenstift Essen, founded before 850
  • 582,760 inhabitants, nine districts and 50 districts, fourth largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • since 1958 seat of the newly founded diocese of Essen
  • Landmarks among others: Zeche Zollverein, Villa Hügel, Grugapark Essen
  • was European Capital of Culture in 2010 and European Green Capital in 2017
  • Mayor is Thomas Kufen (CDU)


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The Essen native continues: “Lately I’ve noticed very often that there is dog excrement everywhere, but the owner thinks he doesn’t have to clean it up. With us in Haarzopf, it has always been the case that dog poop was removed. If there has been a change, please let me know, my dog ​​could then also do its business in other people’s driveways or front gardens!”

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Food: Residents appalled by dog ​​poo on private driveway

The woman hits the mark with the problem, because the members of the food group are completely blown away by the disgusting photo:

  • “Here in Bergerhausen there is another variant: clear the heap with a bag, tie a knot and then throw it all behind the hedge in our front yard or stick it at hand height in the high hedge of the neighbor.”
  • “Mess!”
  • “These are usually the ones who just stare at their mobile phone or make calls when they go for a walk, they don’t even notice what’s happening at the other end of the leash!”

It remains to be hoped that the guilty dog ​​owner will in future pay attention to where his fur nose does the business.


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Wouldn’t think of it if everyone acted as indifferently as he did… (mg)

Source: Derwesten

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