Dog cruelly exposed in Duisburg – “Has become a disposable item”

Duisburg vet explains how you can help your sick dog

Duisburg vet explains how you can help your sick dog

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We were in the veterinary clinic on Kaiserberg and had some illnesses explained to us.

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Duisburg. What a heartless act in Duisburg

A dog Commonly considered man’s best friend, is often a full member of the family and gives back lots of love. But what if he dog being abandoned cold and heartless? A sad case on Facebook shakes everyone Duisburg – the author of the article does not mince his words and settles accounts with the heartless holder!

Dog cruelly exposed in Duisburg – “Pet has become a disposable item”

An animal safety officer posted the story of a fur nose on Facebook who really had a hard time: “Hello ex-owner of this handsome guy who you disposed of at the fence of the animal shelter last night. Did you sleep well? He does not! And it wasn’t because that ridiculous blanket you ‘kindly’ left him had slipped. He was very scared when I got there.”


The dog as a companion of man:

  • Domestication took place about 15,000 to 100,000 years ago
  • the wild progenitor is the wolf
  • there are around 500 million domestic dogs worldwide
  • in Germany alone, nine million live as pets


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And further: “He was quickly calmed down and I don’t know how long he was there. Long enough, anyway, to defecate and pee right next to this blanket. But that could also be due to the short chain you used in your cowardly action. The most difficult thing for him and for me was probably that you took the chain twice and both carabiners were on the collar. This increased the risk for both of us of getting hurt and I had to pole the poor, upset guy before I could extricate him.”

Dog in Duisburg is now looking for a new home

But the drama gets even sadder and worse, because the author describes even more dangerous conditions in detail: “But you’ll probably miss that somewhere else, otherwise you would have considered that the supposedly safe place where he was found was only 100 meters away from the highway. Should I understand your eventual emergency that ‘forced’ you to take this step? No I haven’t! It was a despicable, cowardly act at the expense of a dog who would never have believed you capable of such a thing.”


More news from Duisburg:


The reactions to the terrible fate of the four-legged friend caused angry and shocked reactions:

  • “As tragic as it is, one almost has to be thankful that the poor guy wasn’t dumped somewhere. There are more and more former pets running around who have ‘got by’ and can hardly be caught anymore. The pet has become a disposable item. Sad.”
  • “No animal deserves to live with such an empathetic egoist. I wish the dog to find a better home quickly.”
  • “Incredible, these can’t be normal people who are so cruel and irresponsible. Poor darling.”

All that remains now is to hope that the dog will soon find a new home, being loved and accepted for who he is… (mg)

Source: Derwesten

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