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Mexico.- The former presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya assured that AMLO’s electoral reform is a “trap” to “disappear” to the National Electoral Institute (INE) and that Morena has control of the 2024 elections.

In his weekly video posted on August 8, 2022, Ricardo Anaya accused that “things are going bad” in Mexico with the AMLO government due to insecurity, inflation, poverty, among other problems. “And López Obrador knows all this,” he asserted.

According to the panista, for this reason AMLO seeks to impose his “corcholata” in the 2024 presidential electionswhich is why he promotes the electoral reform with which he seeks to disappear the INE to give control of the electoral process to his party.

“Have you noticed the new López Obrador’s trap to disappear the INE? What is happening is that things are going wrong and you know it (…) That is why he wants to impose his bottle cap in the 2024 elections, and for that he needs the elections to be as they were before, when there was no democracy “, he exposed.

Anaya explained that the AMLO’s “perverse trap” has two parts: the first is to use the “Franciscan austerity as a pretext to leave the INE without a budget“, despite the fact that he spared no expense for his large projects, such as the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), the Dos Bocas refinery and the Mayan Train.

He stressed that only what the federal government spent canceling the Texcoco airport would be enough to cover the INE budget for 25 years.

The second part of the “trap” consists of the initiative of electoral reform proposed by the president, in which he proposes the replacement of the INE with a new electoral body that, according to the opposition, would give control of the elections to Morena.

“There is already an initiative presented by López Obrador to disappear the INE and that the new electoral referee be controlled by Morena. If the INE disappears, democracy disappears, it’s that easy. Morena does not want democracyDid you see what happened in your internal election a week ago?” Accused the PAN.

Ricardo Anaya stressed that “we cannot return to the last century” with AMLO’s electoral reform, as it would represent a setback in the democracy that has been built over many years.

For this reason, he exposed five proposals to strengthen the INE: The first consists of giving the INE and the Electoral Tribunal “more teeth to punish the parties and candidates who cheat.”

The second proposal seeks to improve representation in Congress so that it corresponds to the votes of citizens in a better way.

The PAN’s third approach is to introduce a second round in the presidential elections, in order to give greater legitimacy and citizen support to the winners.

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The fourth point is about eradicating the intervention of organized crime in electoral campaigns, and the last is about making political parties more transparent and democratic.

“Democracy is essential and at this point it is very clear: this government, which is quite bad, is going to want to stay the wrong way, and we cannot allow that,” Anaya warned at the end of his video.

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