What to do if the documents in the Files app do not appear or are downloaded on our iPhone or iPad

From the Files app of our iPhone or iPad we access all our documents and folders. Documents that, at a given moment, we need to download to edit, share or simply consult. It’s strange that this download could failbut if so we will need to fix it as soon as possible.

Various resources to regain access when we need it

We have several resources when it comes to fixing a file download error in the Files app on our iPhone or iPad. Before we begin, however, let’s make sure to reboot the device and, in addition, to verify that it runs the latest available version of the operating system. Once this is done, and assuming that we have an internet connection, either by Wi-Fi or by mobile data, we can follow these steps:

  1. Turn on mobile data for the Files app: especially if we are using the mobile data connection or have poor Wi-Fi coverage. we can do it in Settings > Mobile data activating the option next to Records.
  2. Check the status of the servers: from Apple’s System Status website to rule out any temporary errors that prevented the download.
  3. Turn iCloud Drive off and on: inside the app Settings > Our name > iCloud we can deactivate iCloudDrive, restart our iPhone and then activate it again. It may take a while for the content to appear again, but when it does, it should be able to download normally.
  4. Restore network settings: as they could cause an error that prevented the download. We will do it in the app Settingscoming into General and then in Transfer or reset iPhone/iPad. Here we choose Restore network settings and we confirm.
  5. Remove and reinstall the Files app: holding down on the Files app on our iPhone or iPad we choose delete app and confirm again by touching delete app. Then we go to the app app store to search for it again and touch the little cloud with an arrow to download and install it.
  6. Sign out and sign back in to iCloud: what we will do from the app Settingsentering our name and touching Sign off. After restarting the iPhone we can start it again from the same section.

If none of this worked, we should already consider resetting iPhone settings. Once this is done, it is a good idea that we test that everything works properly before restoring the backup, because if it stops working when restoring said copy, we would have to consider configuring it as a new iPhone.

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Without losing sight of the fact that, as a temporary solution, we can access all our files from iCloud.com, it is also a good idea that we just wait. Sometimes a few minutes, even hours, can just bring that file back. In the event that iCloud Drive does not appear in the Files app, another error that could occur, just touch the button in the form of three dots, choose Edit and then activate iCloudDrive among the options. Everything to be able to access our files whenever we need them.

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