Wedding: Bride gets a strong message from HER before the wedding

Weddings: Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Weddings: Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

You probably didn’t know these facts about weddings.

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The one bride that in front of her wedding experienced is just frightening!

With a wedding, many couples want to crown their happiness in love. Of course, friends and family should not be missing on your big day. But with one guest, the bride probably regretted going to her in the first place wedding to have invited.

Wedding: Couple is put to the test before the big event

The golden rule for every wedding is probably: Don’t mess with the bride. But one guest probably didn’t pay attention to that – and then had to bear the consequences.

The focus of the disputes were the groom, his girlfriend and his future wife. For the wedding, he had declared his best friend to be the maid of honor. “I’m not the kind of person who’s jealous that my partner is friends with the opposite sex,” she said in a Reddit post, according to The Sun. “My fiancé’s best friend — Rachel — has always competed with me over who is more important to my fiancé.”

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Long before the engagement, this put the relationship to the test. A relationship break should bring clarity to the couple at the time. “After we made up, he realized the importance of boundaries and set tough boundaries with his best friend.” But one person didn’t seem right: Rachel.

Wedding: the maid of honor provokes a fight with the bride before the big day

“I know she’s not happy every time she sees or hears from me, but we’re being nice to each other despite our actual feelings,” the bride shared. Things got even worse with the couple’s engagement: “Rachel didn’t congratulate us at all and completely overlooked our engagement and always referred to me as my fiancé’s ‘friend’.”

However, it was the groom who broke the camel’s back: Instead of defusing the relationship between the two women, he added fuel to the fire and made Rachel his maid of honor.

For his cantankerous girlfriend, the situation seemed clear from then on: “Just so you know, your fiancé and I are still priorities for each other. You can marry him, but you should know that he chose me as his maid of honor, although he knows that that would bother you because it is more important to him not to hurt my feelings than yours,” she is said to have written to the future bride. She also added a warning, urging the bride to “stay in her lane” and “accept her place.”

Wedding: Bride takes drastic action

For the fiancée, the consequences of this announcement were clear. She therefore gave her groom the ultimatum to either remove Rachel from her position as maid of honor or to invite her completely from the wedding. How did the groom decide?

As it says in an addendum to the post on Reddit, the future man is said to have felt pressured by his fiancée. But finally he gave in and invited his best friend to the wedding. He also distanced himself from Rachel, reports The Sun.


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For Reddit users, the man made the only right decision: “Rachel is definitely the type of guy who makes a big scene when she’s invited, or crashes the wedding when she’s not invited,” writes one user. To another, this story sounds like a horror movie script: “Rachel is like a villain who lays out his whole plan in text form, so there’s no denying it.” (lim)

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